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Let’s Workout….No Excuses!

It is that time of year, the long hot days of Summer are over and the chilly, sweater wearing days are creeping upon us. Of course, this brings many great moments with it. Cozy, warm clothes, hot cocoa, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know what that means…yummy decadent desserts, steaming hot plates of comfort food and ooooooh yes…..unwanted pounds. Okay, maybe that last part isn’t so great but it tends to happen to the best of us.

We work so hard in the early Spring and Summer months to be in tip top shape. We don’t dare miss a day at the gym for fear of looking bad in a swim suit, tank tops or shorts. For some reason it just seems so much easier to get and stay in shape during the warmer months. If you are like me, I don’t want to let all the miles logged and weights lifted be for nothing. I worked hard to get into shape and I will be darned if I let a little cold weather ruin that for me!! And for the record, exercise should not just be about vanity! We need to keep up our workouts year round because it is good for us….mentally AND physically!

Every year, after many days of dreary gray skies I tend to start getting a little moody. I love being outdoors but not when wind is whipping at my face and my tongue starts to go numb(okay, exaggerating since I do live in Texas.) but I don’t handle cold weather very well and it tends to put me in a “funk”. Many days I just don’t have the want to get my hiney up and get to the gym. Silly, because exercise is the perfect way to help beat the Winter blues….or any type of blues for that matter! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. 10 minutes of elevating your heart rate is far better than doing nothing at all. That is why I want to share with you some good but quick workouts that can be done at  home or the gym.

You can use these guides as a substitute for your regular workout when you are short on time or just don’t feel like loading up the kids and driving to the gym. Maybe you are new to exercise and want to start slowly. If you are short on finances and cannot afford a gym membership, these will do just fine!  Pick one(or two) and get after it. Just remember, most of these workouts are less than 30 minutes so MAKE IT COUNT!! Get your heart rate up, cleanse your pores with some good ol’ sweat and pat yourself of the back when you are done! I promise, your heart will thank you…..and so will your butt

By the way, most of these workouts were found on Pinterest, my latest addiction. More on that to come later!!

Source: via Kendra on Pinterest
And last but not least:

No amount of exercise can undo a bad diet! Enjoy some splurges here and there but do not let them ruin all of your hard workin’ workouts!!!

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