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Yep, today I was THAT mom…..

You know, the one who takes her kids to *gasp* McDonald’s!!!! Not only did I take them to McDonald’s, but my son had his 4th birthday party there! And guess what, it was LOADS of fun for the kids and super relaxing for me. The only thing I had to do to prepare was buy some balloons and write a check. I must say that alone made it the best kids birthday party I have thrown yet!!

I have to admit though, I was kind of embarrassed about telling people where it was going to be and joked about it when I sent the invitations. I mean come on, what kind of mom would take her kids to “unhealthy” McDonald’s? Well, the answer is ME!! Fast food is not the standard for us, my kids get it maybe once, twice per month if they are lucky. This is what makes it a TREAT!!

I believe greatly in balance in life. It can’t always be green salads and fresh baked chicken breasts….I mean I guess it can be but where is the fun in THAT!! Sometimes it is fun to let loose, have a little cheeseburger and soft serve ice cream and celebrate the most darling boy ever turning FOUR!!! He will only turn four once so I decided to let him live it up for the day and you know what, I truly enjoyed it just as much as he did. Just as long as I don’t have to go back for a few weeks……

So tell me, where are your favorite party places for kids?


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Stay Tuned….My Blog is BACK!!

Goodness, I disappeared, didn’t I! Sorry to those that were reading, I left you hanging……for MONTHS! It was not my intention I promise but life got in the way, or at least I should say I LET it get in the way and my blog went to the back burner.

I was also unsure of what direction I wanted the blog to take and I got a bit overwhelmed thinking about the process. I have decided that while I will always be fit-minded and enjoy writing about healthy foods and workouts, I would also like to include a bit more about my daily life, family, and other random tidbits!!

So, stay tuned my friends and I promise to have more for you to read in a day or two!! Now, off to enjoy my son’s fourth birthday party at….are you ready for it…..Mickey D’s!!!

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