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Texas Twisters

That about sums up a good part of the day in my neck of the woods. I live in a suburb west of Fort Worth and man did Mother Nature have quite a time with us today. Fortunately for me, though sadly not for others, most of the really terrible storms went past my general area with the exception of some massive rain, thunder, lightening and hail!

 I love the beauty of Spring. Flowers and trees blooming, grass becoming green and the smell of rain in the air but I also dread it a bit as well.  Today is 100% of the reason why.  I know some people actually get a little excited about Spring time weather but it has the complete opposite effect on me. I loathe tornadoes and any weather that is remotely related to them. And trust me, I have good reason.

April 10, 1979, Wichita Falls, Texas: In history it is referred to as “Terrible Tuesday” by many. This is the date that a massive F4 tornado tore through the town killing 42 people and leaving thousands homeless, including my family.

I was only 18 months old at the time so I do not remember a moment of it. I do however, have the stories and pictures handed down from my family that will forever be ingrained in my mind. I was also able to see the physical scars left behind on my mother and brother as reminders of what a truly terrible day it was.

My mom was at home with my brother and I that day as well as babysitting two other little girls. My dad was out with a friend when he called her and told her that she needed to take immediate cover. Being that we lived in a tiny house, our options for shelter weren’t much. She took all four kids and put us in a bedroom closet and lay on top of us the best she could to protect us. I always remember her saying how immediately before the tornado hit, it became so still you could hear a pin drop……..just before the sound of a train would come roaring. The tornado devastated our home, knocking it down completely. The only walls left standing were the ones to the closet in which we had laid. My brother had been blown to the front yard and our bodies were scattered a bit but everyone made it through alive. My mom and brother had some serious injuries but none that were life threatening.  Thanks to Jesus!!

I like to think that being through such a horrific natural disaster once in my lifetime, my odds for another are lessened but I am pretty sure it doesn’t really works that way, especially living in tornado alley. I cross my fingers and say my prayers every Spring that we will make it through another season without having to live through a tornado. Today, I can say that luck is still on my side. Tomorrow may bring another story, just as it did for many in the Dallas/Fort Worth area today.

 Remember, tornado warnings should be taken seriously! Some quick safety tips:

  • Seek shelter in a storm cellar, safe room or basement if possible. If you lack access to underground shelter, an interior room such as a closet or bathroom is a good option.
  • If you live in a mobile home, your odds are better in a low lying area OUT of your mobile home. 
  • If you are in a vehicle, DO NOT try to outrun a tornado. 

 We as people have zero control over the natural disasters but one thing we can do is PREPARE.  For more tips on tornado preparedness and a detailed guide on prepping a disaster kit Click here.

Enjoy the beautiful Spring days ahead of us friends but also BE PREPARED!!!!

Have you ever been in a tornado or other natural disaster? What did you do to prepare?


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It’s VEGGIE Time

For those who know me, not being a big meat-eater will come as no big surprise. I am the person who goes to a fancy steakhouse and often orders a bunch of delicious side dishes rather than a bloody juicy steak. What can I say, I make a pretty cheap date;)!

Do I like meat or think it tastes good? Sometimes. I have my food moments when nothing sounds better than a greasy cheeseburger or a good old fashioned BLT but those are very rare occasions. I honestly am not sure WHY I don’t like meat all that much. It really isn’t because I am a huge animal rights activist. I mean, I love animals but I do think some of them were made to be eaten.  For me, I believe it just comes down to preference in taste and texture of my food AND I am easily grossed out so even a touch of fat or blood will put a quick end to my meal. I must also mention that I have digestive issues and I find the less meat I consume, especially red meat the better I feel in general.

I do eat meat and usually daily, mostly in the form of chicken and turkey and while I don’t think I will ever CRAVE those two foods, I feel pretty comfortable eating them most the time. They are lean, filling and from a meat eaters view, pretty nutritious for the body.

Here is the thing, I doubt I could ever go 100% vegetarian(and VEGAN will NEVER happen…this girl loves her cheese and yogurt) but I do think I can cut back on it considerably. What I want to do for myself and possibly my family if they are open to it(and if they want to eat, they will be!!!), is implement one day per week of vegetarian meals into our menu. I believe this will be beneficial for more than one reason.

1. It will be a good cleansing day for our bodies. Not only will we not eat meat but I want the vegetarian meals to be filled with whole foods and no processed junk. That means no meat substitutes or processed cheese pizzas. We all know that vegetables are healthy and fiber filled so knowing that I am putting good nutritious food into my family’s body is incredible. Yea to health!!

2. We will be doing our part on impacting the environment in a good way. As a nation, I truly believe we consume WAY too much meat and while we will still be eating it most days of the week, I like the idea of helping in any way I can.

3. Meat can be $$$$$!!! This is a great way to save money. I find myself complaining that organic is expensive but the money I am saving on my meatless meal will allow me to purchase organic milk and eggs for the week instead. Score!!

I have dabbled with the idea of being vegetarian for years and while I am nowhere ready to live that lifestyle 100% I think this is the perfect opportunity to simply add more veggies and beans and less meat to my diet.  In doing this, I also want to make it a fun part of my blog so I am deeming the one day per week that my family eats vegetarian as “Meatless Monday”! My hope is to share with you one(or more) wonderful recipes for that day to possibly help inspire you to eat a little less meat, too!!

ource: via Alyssa on Pinterest

If you have not seen the documentary, “Forks Over Knives”, I highly suggest it. It is very informative and gives great information and explanations as to why a plant based diet is best for health benefits. One of my favorite bloggers, Kristine Fretwell, at watched it this weekend and after reading her blog and thoughts on it, she inspired me to do the same.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian meal?  If so, please share what it is! I am always looking for and excited to try new recipes!

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