Ready, Set, Workout!!

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have many blog followers because it seems I kind of SUCK at it!! What the heck??… I got on a roll, even if it was a little one and then poof, I disappear again.  I want to be good at blogging. I really do but I guess I just feel like a bit of a fake. I am by no means a professional(or even sort of good) writer and I want to be interesting but I think that is what is making me not have interest in doing it.

I am learning that if I want to keep up with my blog, it has to be in a way that I like, something that is fun and not a chore. Trying to come up with topics that will interest others can be hard work, especially for my mommy brain. This is MY blog so I can pretty much do what I want with it and  I have decided, I will!!!

So here goes…..

A big part of my life is trying to stay healthy and while I have my really good moments I also have my really bad moments. Currently, I am sitting a little heavier on the scale than I like. The number is really not a big deal but my pants feeling a little snug, that IS a big deal. Hanging out in too tight clothes all day is NOT fun and I refuse to do it any longer.  Summer is fast approaching, actually it is HERE is Texas so it is time to step it up!

My weight is hanging in the lower 130’s right now and while that is NOT fat by any means, it’s not a comfy weight for me. At 5’4″ I prefer to be in the mid 120’s, maybe even a little lower, so I have some work to do. That means eating less chips, or cookies or milk duds and more fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats. I will also be hitting the weights and elliptical machine a little more often. I love to workout and most weeks I do it at least 3 times per week but I am going to up the ante. I plan on using this sweet little blog of mine as motivation by sharing many of my meals and workouts throughout the week as a diary of sorts. Wouldn’t it be cool if I even motivated one of my very few followers to get a little more fit minded too!!!

You know how everyone always wants to start something new…like a diet, workout plan, ect on a Monday. Well, I am not waiting any longer so Saturday is MY start day. I could have been lazy today but instead I decided to get in a kick butt workout after Liam’s Blastball game this morning. NO EXCUSES!!

In the corner of my bedroom

Total body workouts tend to be my fave and because I am a mom of two and always short on time I love circuits because they get the job done quickly while still getting the heart rate pumping. Here is what today’s workout looked like, done in a corner of my bedroom:)

Warmup: 5 minutes on the Elliptical

Donkey Kicks– 3×15
Squats 3×15 (used 10 pound dumbbells in each hand)
Elliptical 5 minutes(increased resistance with each minute)
Bicep Curls 3×15 (10 pound weights in each hand)
Deadlifts 3×15, used 10 pound weights, so really squeezed butt at top of movement
Tricep Dips 3×15
Girly Push ups 3×15
Hamstring Ball Curls 3×10 (my legs were feeling it by this point)
Elliptical 5 minutes with increasing resistance with each minute

See the sweat…and the grunting face…ha!!

In total this took about 30 minutes and worked up a good sweat. Speaking of……I need a shower. Later, friends!!!!


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