It IS a Monday!! Goodness, I am BEAT this morning. Shame on me because I didn’t go to sleep until 12am last night(errr, this morning) and I think it has something to do with the two hour nap that I took yesterday. Lesson learned! For now on, all weekend naps must take place earlier in the day. I truly heart naps!!

Apparently my daughter was feeling the same way about Monday mornings as I was. As I tried to wake her up this morning she whined and cried about not wanting to go to school . She was going to miss me too much. Looking at her sleepy, tear streaked face almost made me want to give in her and let her stay home. Almost…but not quite:) She did manage to put her happy face and sassy clothes on and out the door we went, with extra hugs and kisses!!

Some days I am not sure how I would manage without my morning juice: COFFEE! I just love the stuff. It isn’t just the jolt of caffeine that makes it so appealing to me but I crave the smell, warmth and comfort of a nice cup a’ joe!! Of course, it has to be loaded with coffee creamer, too. I can’t do the plain black stuff. No thanks!!

Chocolate Covered Glazed Donut flavored coffee. So good!


I got in a good one this morning. I don’t always love getting to the gym because let’s be honest, it takes some effort. However, I do LOVE the feeling once I get there and complete my workout.

Turbo Kick was my workout of choice today and it did it’s job, kicked my butt! I left covered in sweat and a nice little calorie burn of almost 360 calories. Honestly, it is almost always more than that but my heart rate was extra low today, resting at 58 beats per minute. Does this mean I get to brag about what good shape I am in? NOT!!

Now that the most important part of my day is over(yep, my workout), time to move on to the other million things on my list today. Mostly of which includes several mountains of laundry, and more laundry. Did I already say laundry? Oh yes, laundry!!!

I WISH I got paid to do laundry!!

Are you a fan of Monday’s or would you rather just skip them? What are your tricks to getting a great start to your week?


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