May I Have Some of That Energy, Please?!

I am sure you have watched a child play and thought, “Where does that energy come from?” Well, if you ever learn the answer to that question, please share!!

I have two VERY energetic children and I am always in awe of how they keep going like the Energizer Bunny.  They even move in their sleep. I SWEAR, they never quit moving! Problem is, they think I am supposed to go non-stop, too! I won’t lie, sometimes I just want to sit back and watch them play but somehow it doesn’t always work out that way. Thanks to my son, I got not ONE but TWO workouts yesterday. The second one was in the back yard and if I am being honest, it kicked my butt more than the first one!!

Our fun consisted of swinging, jumping on the trampoline, chasing the dog and playing “capture the monkey that escaped from the zoo”….HA!!

Take a look:


Hello little monkey

Who needs a personal trainer when you have kids around?!


Before I joined the gym and before I found Pinterest, most of my workouts consisted of home workout videos and running outdoors. I had an obsession with being tortured by Jillian Michaels. She was and still is my FAVE and her videos STILL leave me cursing when I do them. Not kidding. When I exercise I want to FEEL it. My heart rate needs to be high and sweat needs to be dripping. For this reason I have been very leery of trying other videos, especially ones that feature celebrities.

There was a day I was feeling a bit more open-minded than usual and  decided to up and order a workout by Brooke Burke. When you think about it she does look FABULOUS(and is the mom of FOUR kids)and she hasn’t gotten that way by sitting on her butt, I guarantee ya! To my surprise, the workout was actually very good! So good in fact, that I had to take several breaks through out it.

I would classify it as an intermediate workout and it is a nice mix of cardio and strength moves. Most of the strength movements use your own body weight or very light weights(she used TWO pounds, I used mostly FIVE pounds) but I thought it was still very effective. Probably not one I would do everyday but it would be a great one to throw in to mix things up once a week or so.




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