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Summer Lovin’

Hope everyone is having a grand weekend so far!!! It has been a productive one for me!

Let me start off by saying that I am SORE today! As I was laying in bed stretching my limbs, my abs and chest started screaming at me! Whoa….who knew my short but obviously KICK BUTT at home Cross Fit workout would do that to me! I am pleased!!

I wasn’t going to let my aching body get in the way of my Day 3 Cross Fit workout so I got right to it!

Workout of the Day

At Home Cross Fit WOD#3

Five rounds of the following for time:

10 tuck jumps

15 back extensions(I did them on stability ball)

I was able to do these in 7:23 seconds and I have no idea if that is a good or bad time. All I know is that it is my time and one that I hope to improve upon :-)!

Now moving on to my weekly workout wrap-up:

MondayCircuit Workout

Tuesday– 30 minute elliptical workout

Wednesday– Rest Day

ThursdayCross Fit Home Version WOD #1, plus 20 minutes elliptical

FridayCross Fit Home Version WOD #2(Tabatas)

Saturday: Cross Fit Home Version WOD #3


I am most definitely a warm weather gal. I will take it ANY day over cold temps, that’s for sure. However, I sometimes find myself on the complaining side of things when it gets a bit too hot! That’s when I start reminding myself of all my Summer loves. Here are just a few:

Summer Beach Hair: Never-mind the fact that I live nowhere near a beach! I love the look of ‘beach hair”and know there is a product you can buy to get the look but didn’t want to bother with finding it or gathering the ingredients to make it(though I might in the future just for fun). Instead I went a different route. While my hair was still wet from my shower, I put it in a sock bun on top of my head and went to sleep like that. When I woke up, I took it down and was horrified to find that it looked like I inserted my finger in a light socket, lol!! Not to worry, I was able to tame it with a little water, leave in conditioner and some finger combing. I liked the finished look!

What do you think? Okay, for a casual look?

Swimming Pools– Okay, I’m not going to lie, I would prefer a beach but since I am land-locked in the middle of Texas, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon!! Lucky for me, I have a pretty good alternative. We have a pool in our neighborhood but it doesn’t quite compare to hanging out at my friend, Brandi’s house in her backyard oasis. I will say, as beautiful as it is, I am happy to hang out once a week and let her deal with all the creepy crawly friends she is sure to encounter. (I’m talking to you snakes and spiders!!)

Soaking up some Vitamin D! Don’t worry I have SPF 50 on!!

Fresh Berries– Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries. Need I say more. They really are one of the best parts of Summer!!

Sweet Cherries. My fave!!

Snow Cones– These take me back to my childhood. I remember being so excited when we would hear the music of the snow cone truck playing. Out the door we would run, barefoot on the blazing hot cement and it would not slow us down a bit. My favorite flavor back then was Rainbow with a piece of frozen Double Bubble hidden in the bottom. Such great memories!! Instead of waiting for a non-existent snow cone truck, we now head to our favorite snow cone stand when we want to feed our flavored ice cravings.

Today I decided on a Fuzzy Navel

Lance got the “Barbie” flavor. Yep, he is secure in his manhood!! In his defense, that is what Camryn gets every time and we always steal bites because it is so good. Might as well get his own!!

Flip Flops–  I wear them year round but I REALLY appreciate them during the warmer months! They are easy to slip on, comfy and if you find the right pair you can wear them with just about anything! I pair mine with sundresses, skirts, shorts and even workout clothes when I am too lazy to change after a workout. However, I am never too lazy to take off my tennis shoes. I love them for working out and wearing around casually in the Winter but in the Summertime, NO WAY. Too hot!!



I spent my morning at the grocery store and didn’t feel like being creative in the kitchen at lunch time. Instead, I picked up a Take N Bake style cheese pizza at the store and doctored it up to my liking.

All it took was slicing up a roma tomato and adding a bit of basil. Margherita Pizza my friends. So good!!!

Served with a side of cucumbers and fresh cherries!!

Now it’s time to start thinking about dinner!!!A turkey burger with a side of sweet potato fries is sounding mighty good….yep, it’s decided!!

If you had to choose, would you pick to live it a climate where it was always hot or always cold?

What are some of your Summer must-haves?

What are your favorite pizza toppings?



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Celebrity Crushes

We made it to Friday, folks!!! Yea!!! That of course means, I get to sleep in tomorrow. I can’t wait!!

Have any of you had the chance to watch the new “Bethenny Frankel Show?” I DVR it and watch it every night after my kids hit the sack. I love my alone time with Bethenny! I have stated before that I have a total girl crush on her. I just love everything about her, from her books, like “Naturally Thin” to her “tell it like it is” personality!

Okay…back to her show! Yesterday she had Justin Beiber on and  we know most girls between the ages of 5-14 have a massive crush on him. My daughter most definitely think she has a chance of busting up him and Selana Gomez. After all, she IS gonna marry him someday, lol!!

Anyway, this got me to thinking about my own childhood celebrity crushes. I remember buying magazines like “Bop” and “Tiger Beat” and pouring over them for HOURS daydreaming about how one day I would  be the girlfriend to…are you ready for it….COREY HAIM!! I was OBSESSED! I had posters of him plastered on my wall and I would watch “License to Drive” over and over again. It  makes me sad now to see how his life ended so tragically. I will always remember him as a cute and innocent 15 year old boy.

Corey Haim
Corey Haim Pictures

Eventually I moved one to others. This one being NKOTB and Donnie Wahlberg. I still remember sitting in my room crying like it was the end of the world because my mom told me that I couldn’t go to their concert. I seriously thought I would die of a broken heart. Because of course, if I went to the concert, he was going to see ME through the thousands of other girls and we would fall madly in love. Heehee!! I get such a laugh out of it now(and a bit embarrassed about how dramatic I was) but when I was living it, the heartache felt so real!

Thankfully as we grow up, we fall in love with people who are actually attainable and our crushes become just that….crushes…um, Hello Adam Levine ;-)!! And Leonardo DiCaprio. I can’t forget Enrique Iglesias!! Ha…can you tell I still crush a bit. It ‘s fun and takes me back to my younger years 🙂

No crush can compare to true love 🙂


Workout of the Day

I did my second At Home Cross Fit workout today! Again, this one was pretty easy so I felt the need to add to it a bit.

WOD # 2: Tabatas: 8 rounds of each exercise. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. You complete 8 sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. The original workout looked like this:


Sit-Ups(I did them on a ball)

Squats( I used 10 pound weights today)

I added two additional exercises:

Bench Step Ups(no weight)

Jump Rope

My arms were on fire after the push-ups and yes, I dropped to my knees by about the 3rd set. I obviously need to work on my upper body strength!

I didn’t feel like hopping on the elliptical today so that is why I added the last two exercises. I wanted to feel like I worked up a good sweat and that did it for me!

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Who is your adult celebrity crush?


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Cross Fit Home Version

Good morning!! I am sitting here on my back patio enjoying a nice breeze and watching my little guy play in the kiddie pool we recently purchased. We have a very nice and large neighborhood pool that is part of our HOA but that holds no interest for him since we got the $16 plastic pool. If only kids could always be this easy to please!!!

Check out this cuteness!!

Speaking of cuteness, yesterday afternoon my kids and I went to a Summer paint party that my good friend, Serena held at her house. What a fabulous idea it was!!! The kids had a blast (so did the parents!!!) painting paper, each other and then cleaning it all off in the kiddie pools. This was a “just because” party but I am thinking it would make a perfect birthday party idea for kids, too!

Myself and the beautiful party hostess

Check out my painting skills!! Or maybe I should say, lack there of…….HA!!

I can only take credit for the “What Up”. The other artwork was the kiddos!!

My daughter was NOT feeling the picture taking….obviously. Ha!!

Now, THIS is what I call a painting party!!!

Photo Source: Serena Lero

Photo Source: Serena Lero

There were misters on the trampoline!!

My favorite part…the GRUB!!! It was delicious and healthy to boot. Well, except for that cookie I snagged 😉

Nothing beats fresh fruit in the Summer!!! I like to call it Nature’s dessert!!!

Thanks, Serena!!! We had the BEST time and my kids were sufficiently worn out which meant they slept like rocks!!!


Workout of the Day

I have been quite interested in Cross Fit for a while now but I have yet to delve in and give it a try. Until today that is!! No, I didn’t go to a Cross Fit box(though I would LOVE too) but I did do a WOD(workout of the day) in the confines of my own home.

The main reason I have not given Cross Fit a go is because it can be quite pricey. In my area a month of unlimited Cross Fit is $145 a month and while I am sure it is worth every penny, that is just a bit steep for my budget!! I mean, my gym is also unlimited workouts and it only costs me $30 per month….with childcare!!!

Last night, I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs, one being Tina’s from Carrots N Cake. She is a big into  Cross Fit and provides some wonderful information about it in her posts.  Her latest post, a Cross Fit Q&A was no exception! She provided some links for those of us who 1.) do not have access to a cross fit box or 2.) people like myself who cannot afford to attend one.

Tina provided a link that I found super interesting: 16-Days of Beginner CrossFit Workouts You can Do From Home. What a great compromise for someone like me!!! I downloaded and saved it to my computer, excited to get started on it!! This program does seem to be pretty basic but it is aimed at CF beginners and does not require any special equipment other than a stopwatch.

I have decided to follow this program for the next 16 days to add a little fun and newness to my workout routine. It will not be the ONLY thing I do but I think it will be a great addition to my everyday workouts!! Who knows, maybe I will enjoy it so much that I will splurge on a month of Cross Fit in the near future. Or maybe I will create a more advanced version of Cross Fit at home!!

At Home WOD #1 looked like this:

Complete 3 x’s for time:

10 Burpees

20 squats

30 sit ups

My official time was 9:13 seconds. I admit to stopping to take a small 20-30 second break in between each circuit but I am going to work at cutting those out or down.

I also did 10 minutes on the elliptical as a warm-up and finished off with another 10 minutes of HIIT. It was actually a good little workout, only took 30 minutes total and left me with sweat running down my face! I’ll take it!!!

Have you ever tried Cross Fit before? Do you prefer that type of workout or more of the conventional gym workouts?

What is your favorite Summer time fruit to eat?


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What I Ate Wednesday #2

How is everyone this morning? Me? I am loving today so far! The kids are off to a day at Summer Camp so I get a half day to do as I please. What am I going to do with all that free time? I don’t know….the possibilities are endless! A good workout is definitely in order but after that I am thinking complete downtime sounds good. After dropping them off I will probably come home, workout up a nice sweat, then put my feet up for a bit, maybe download a new book for my Nook and have a little “Me” time!! Yep sounds good to me!


Welcome to my 2nd edition of “What I Ate Wednesday”.

I have to admit, there are a couple things I ate today that I didn’t photograph so I will just disclose those upfront.

  • 5 or 6(I lost count)gummy worms. I took my kids to see Brave(a great movie by the way) and forgot my phone at home.
  • A couple handfuls of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. These are dangerous but thankfully my kids love them too so I won’t be the only one digging in!!

Now for the foods that I did photograph. Here we go!!


Overnight Oats. You saw these on my blog yesterday but they are good enough to be seen a 2nd time!!

I ate this fairly late in the morning and because it was so filling, I was able to hold off on a morning snack.


By the time lunch rolled around my tummy was starting to growl. I knew I wanted a salad because the one from my lunch on Monday really hit the spot. As I was gathering my salad ingredients, I noticed some left over quinoa and broccoli from last night. I added them right into my salad and it was FABULOUS!! Quinoa was a great addition.  I also added about a TBSP of Greek Vinigarette after the photo was taken.

My sweet tooth started kicking in after I ate my salad so I satisfied it with a small piece of dark chocolate. How I stopped at one, I don’t know. Oh yes, I do. I was running around like a mad woman trying to get us out of the house on time so we wouldn’t be late for the movie. I wasn’t fast enough and we ended up with the seats close to the front. At least it was the very back row of the front seats. See, I am an optimist 😉

Afternoon snack

Since I only indulged in a few little gummy worms at the movie I was ready to fill my belly with some real food. I whipped up a small bowl of Trader Joe’s plain Greek yogurt, added some frozen blueberries, sweetened it with a bit of honey and topped it with crack Quaker Oat Squares.

This is also when a couple extra handfuls of my new favorite cereal was consumed. Sigh.

Dinner Time

Nachos, baby!!! I topped some Trader Joe’s tortilla chips with lean ground sirloin, blacked beans, colby jack cheese, tomatoes and salsa verde. I REALLY wanted to go back for another big plate full but I didn’t. That would have been a bad choice and I am all about trying to make better choices these days. At least until 4th of July!! Not that nachos were exactly a GOOD choice. Oh well.

Enjoy your day, guys!! I am off to do the same 🙂

Do you have any good book recommendations for me to download on my Nook?

Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?


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It’s a Nail Biter

So, do you notice something different about my blog today? Look up……yep, I spy a custom header! Thanks so much to those who took the time to vote. The vote went overwhelmingly to header #1 which I am super happy with :-). I may decide to change it up in the future but for now it feels great to have something colorful and fun up there!


I went to bed an excited lady last night!! All because I had prepared a jar of overnight oats to be deliciously devoured enjoyed this morning. I love my cold oats but it isn’t something I  want every day. I don’t know why because they are superb and SO filling but I love to save them as a special breakfast. It feels like I am treating myself when I eat them. And I am….to a healthy body;-)

Today my overnight oats consisted of Naturally More Peanut Butter, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 TBSP chia seeds and 2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I topped it off with 1/2 fresh sliced banana and some Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Holy shucks, these little things are flippin’ GOOD!!! I was introduced to these little squares of goodness through the blog, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. She is always raving about them and commenting on how addicting they are so I just knew I had to try them. I am declaring them my new favorite cereal!!!

While we are still on the subject of food, let me share a couple of my meals from yesterday. Nothing fancy but they did their job of filling my belly , tasted pretty good and were nutritious to boot!

Perfect meal for a hot summer afternoon. My salad was filled with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots, dried cranberries(loved this sweet addition) white cheddar cheese crumbles and sliced turkey. Umm, ummm good!!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!! Grilled chicken breasts(thanks, Lance for manning the grill in 100 degree heat) served alongside some fresh steamed broccoli and sun-dried tomato and basil quinoa. This is the best quinoa ever! My daughter goes back for 2nd and sometimes 3rd servings. Every time!!


Nail Biter

Do you have a bad habit that try as you might, you just cannot seem to break? I sure do. My name is Suzanne and I am a nail biter. At 34 years of age. How embarrassed should I be about that?! I have tried time and time and time and time….(you get the idea) again to let them grow and I have had semi-success only two times. The last time I made the attempt, I thought I might have finally kicked the habit. However, it was short-lived. I managed to keep them long for about 2 months but for whatever reason, most likely a stressful situation I ended up biting them all off. It was a sad day. 😦

I don’t want super long nails that look like they could be used as daggers. I simply want to grow them to an “active length” and keep them nice and manicured. I want to not cringe when I see them in a picture or when I am shaking someones hand.

See what I mean!! Cringe-worthy!!!

Apparently, they need a good waxing, too!! Just call me “Man Hands”. Ugh!!

So, here is the deal: I am going to try for the 1,000,000 time to grow them out!!! I will periodically post pictures on here to show my progress.  I figure if I cannot do it on my own, I may just have to shame myself into it, lol. I really don’t want to come here week after week not having made any progress and maybe the support and the “I know you can do it’s'” will keep me motivated to make it happen. For REAL this time!!

Do you have a bad habit you need to break?

Have you kicked a bad habit in the past? How did you do it?


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