Love Yourself, Flaws and All!!!

I was going through my photo albums on my computer last night, purging pictures that I knew I would never print when I came across one of myself. When I saw it, I thought to myself, “Dang, I look GOOD”.  Happy thought, right?! It would have been if my second thought wasn’t “I sure wish I looked like that now”!

The truth is, I was probably five pounds lighter in the picture but I also remember being miserable because I had just started dieting and training for a bikini competition that I was thinking of competing in. I decided NOT to compete and that was the best decision ever. The six weeks that I did diet and train messed with me mentally and made me feel really insecure about myself. Honestly, I am STILL trying to get my confidence back to where it once was.

On a HAPPY note, I think I may almost be there. Sure, I may weigh a little bit more and have a little less muscle but I am still a healthy and fit woman. I am capable of playing with my kids and not becoming breathless. I wear a freaking size 2/4 for crying out loud!!! The word FAT should NEVER come out of the mouth of someone that size. With the help of my friends I am starting to finally see myself in a different light and I like the feeling!

Why make ourselves feel miserable with negative comments about ourselves when we can do just the opposite. I am going to start seeing the GOOD in my body and being proud of what I have accomplished!!I have truly worn myself out with worrying about my weight and I am starting to realize how much time I have wasted on it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love fitness and eating healthy and it will always be a PRIORITY in my life but it will no longer consume me. Instead I will focus on what I like about myself, the fact that I am ABLE to workout and keep my body healthy and that my friends and family love me just the way I am, FLAWS and ALL!!!!

Moving on…….


This morning after my usual cup of coffee, I decided to make myself a delicious smoothie to my make belly happy. I just received my order of Isagenix from a friend so I was super excited to try it this morning. It did not disappoint!! I ordered the chocolate flavor because let’s face it I am a fan of chocolate ANYTHING!

I blended it with a  1/2 cup of water, splash of almond milk and 1/2 small frozen banana. It was SOOOOO thick and delicious!! I ended up eating it with a spoon and pretended I was having ice cream for breakfast! Make believe is fun, right?!!

I was forgetful and didn’t snap a picture of my shake but this is what the packets looks like. You can also buy it in a container.

I got the convenient little packets which I LOVE because I can throw one in my purse if I know I will be out and about with no time to eat!!



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