Time for a Little Pick-Me Up!

Here it is again, that dreaded afternoon slump. Bleh!

Where does it come from and why does it insist of returning everyday at the SAME time?!

Some days are worse than others but it sure doesn’t help things when it looks like this outside…..

This is napping weather!!! Of course, with a SIX and FOUR year old and mounds of laundry to finish, that certainly isn’t about to happen in this house!!

So, what is a tired mom of two to do? Two words: ICED COFFEE

The Fixin’s

And NOW, for the sippin’! Yep, I am a little bit corny in my current state of tiredness.

And for the record, this picture isn’t blurry, I edited it to show soft focus. I didn’t want to scare the few blog readers that I have away;-)

Since I just finished slurping up the last little bit of my iced coffee I am going to go hang with my kiddos for a bit. Laundry…..that can wait!!

Do you often feel the lag of the “afternoon slump”? How do you beat it? I can use any and all ideas that you have!!



June 6, 2012 · 8:13 PM

3 responses to “Time for a Little Pick-Me Up!

  1. Lindsay Killian

    I could use some coffee!!! I usually hit my afternoon slump around 3:30. I’m sitting here at work knowing Starbucks is just a few blocks away, but the weather is so bad that I can’t go outside! Boo! Enjoy the time with your kiddos 🙂

  2. I am sorta in love with your neighbors houses… which means, I must most likely be in love with yours too!! Beautiful homes!!!

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