Fro-Yo for lunch!!

It is 2:35pm and I have yet to have a real meal today.

I had lots of errands to run and since my kids let me sleep in until 7:30am this morning(how did THAT happen?) I ended up running behind in my morning routine.  I refused to skip my workout for the day so instead of taking the time to make breakfast I grabbed my cup of coffee and a handful of cheerios and called it breakfast.

This is what my food intake has been today: coffee with creamer, handful of cheerios, a mini chocolate chip cookie(courtesy of the local library) and a bowl of Fro-Yo for lunch! Not my idea of health so just remember the saying:

“Do as I say, not as I do”!!!


Lunch was really good AND I get to be the cool mom of the day for letting my kids have Fro-Yo for lunch!!! Making memories!!

I promise though, I will make up for it and eat LOTS of veggies at dinner tonight 🙂



I dug through my vault of home workout DVD’s and came across this one by Jackie Warner.

I bought this DVD last Summer right before I joined the gym and only did it maybe one or two times so it felt very new to me. Honestly, I didn’t remember half the moves and that’s a good thing because some of them were hard and I might have dreaded it. I like to think I am in pretty good shape but when new moves are introduced, it still HURTS!!!

It was a quick one though, 32 minutes and I was DONE!!


Remember when you were a little kid and would get SOOOOO excited when something arrived for you in the mail? Well, I still get that way, only it’s when I receive stuff other than bills in the mail!! Like this!!

Now I get to put my feet up for a few minutes longer and read through my new Oxygen magazine for some awesome tips and motivation. Such fun!!


If you have kids what are some unconventional things you do to make memories with them? If you don’t have kids, what are some of the small but special moments you remember doing with your parents?






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June 7, 2012 · 8:03 PM

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