Trader Joe’s Mania

The day has FINALLY arrived!!!

After months of anticipation, one of the first Trader Joe’s in Texas opened it’s doors today! It was crazy chaotic but totally worth it!!

Normally I avoid grand openings and Black Friday like the plague because if I am being honest, I don’t usually feel the deals are worth it. Today, I do not fall into that category. I LOVE me some Trader Joe’s and would gladly stand in a 30 minute check out like again!!!

Fort Worth Trader Joe’s.

Please notice the “glow” that it has. Yep, this store is something special 😉

This should give you an idea of how busy it was. They had at least 5 policeman directing traffic!

After seeing the policeman, it was obvious that traffic was going to be a nightmare so I avoided the Trader Joe’s parking lot and and found a spot at a Walgreens about a 1/4 mile away. Such a great idea because while everyone else was getting parking lot rage trying to get in/out of spots, my kids and I blissfully walked back to our car and drove away with no issues. Yep, we were the smart ones!!

The first thing I noticed when I walked in were the LOOOONNNGGG check-out lines. There were people wrapped around the store and it had only been open for 30 minutes. Oh boy.  I didn’t have time to worry about that though. I  made a list last night so I knew what items I wanted and was able to navigate around the store and grab it up pretty quickly. Of course, I can NEVER stick to a list so we did get a few extras!!

At one point there was a television camera following us around. It felt more like being stalked because he never said a word to us and I was too worried about looking cool and collected to ask what station they were from. Duh!!. My kids liked it though. They felt like movie stars and decided to keep up the act by posing for some pics.

And look at that, I got some random person’s butt in my picture, too! Great photography skills I have 😛

The public picture taking and posing helped pass the time as we waited in line to check out. This was the line after 20 minutes of waiting. Told ya, it was BUSY!!!

Can you guess how much I spent on this ONE basket of food?

$60.00!! It may seem like a lot but I was more than happy to spend it. Trader Joes’s is a 20 minute drive from my house so I only see myself going once every two weeks or so. Besides, it is fun to splurge every now and again!

I was so excited about this trip that I allowed myself to buy a lot more snacks and “unhealthy” food than I normally would. Next time I will get more of the basics and just a COUPLE snacks. It was the other way around this trip.

Now that you have had the pleasure of grocery shopping with me, I can’t wait to show off my loot. This picture is of all my purchases. I will break in down in just a sec.

Frozen and refrigerated items

  • Individual Greek yogurts for my husband
  • A tub of plain Greek yogurt
  • No nitrate turkey corn dogs for my kids
  • Mandarin Orange Chicken
  • Veggie Fried Rice
  • Block of Cheddar Cheese(notice, it is WHITE. No orange color added!!

Pantry and snack items

  • Sprouted grain bread( I have heard it is better than Ezekiel)
  • Monkey Business trail mix
  • Peanut Butter filled pretzels
  • Dark chocolate edamame(had these in San Fran last year…the BEST)
  • Organic blueberry cereal bars
  • Tortilla chips
  • Roasted gorgonzola crackers

Last but not least, some condiment type foods…….AND TWO-BUCK CHUCK(though it was actually $2.99)

  • Creamy Almond butter
  • Honey Apple Butter
  • Salsa Verde( I have heard this is good enough to drink)
  • Chardonnay

There you have it!!! I hope you were able to contain your excitement over this little shopping excursion. Either that, or the eye rolling…HA!! I know, it is just a grocery store, but a really awesome one!!!!

If you have been to a Trader Joe’s what are some your favorite items?

Are you the type of person who gets a thrill from grand opening/Black Friday shopping or do you avoid it at all costs?



June 15, 2012 · 7:06 PM

6 responses to “Trader Joe’s Mania

  1. I live in the Dallas area and I am definitely checking out this store soon!

  2. You won’t regret making the drive! I am pretty sure there is one opening in Plano at the end of the Summer as well.

  3. Oh I see a LOT of the items I love to get when I go. And I really need to get back there soon! Two months is forever without my favorite items!

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