A Bit of Randomness + Puppy Dog Pics

Hey, hey, hey!!! Hope everyone is doing well this Monday.

I was pretty absent from the blog world this weekend….reading and writing. I can’t complain because that means I was spending quality time with my friends and family. Or taking a nap. Oh man, I love naps but I didn’t have time to fit one in this weekend.

With yesterday being Father’s Day, it was all about the daddy in this house!! That also meant a day filled with delicious but not so healthy foods!! Donuts for breakfast and Mexican for lunch meant a lighter dinner of appetizer type foods. And since blogging wasn’t on the brain, I didn’t snap any pictures of the yumminess to share with you. Oops! At least I did get a picture of me and my main man on the way to eat Mexican.

Loving the new beard he has recently grown…..SEXY!

Since I didn’t post my Workout Wrap-up on Saturday I will go ahead and get that bit of business out of the way now.

WORKOUT WRAP-UP, week of 6/11/12

As you can see, my workouts struggled a bit this week but at least I managed to get in my minimum of three so all is good 🙂

Workout of the Day

I headed to the gym(for the first time in like, FOREVER!!!) for my workout this morning. I started off with a quick mile warmup on the tready, did some leg work (squats, leg press, lunges) and then headed back to the treadmill for 15 minutes of walking on the incline. Tryin’ to get my booty in shape, literally!! The incline is awesome for the backside ;-)!!



Now to share with you some pics of my dog child, Ozzy!!! Poor little man, he takes a backseat around here much of the time. We love him to pieces and he is a WONDERFUL dog but when you have two little kids to tend to, the dog sometimes takes last place. So sorry little guy!!! Of course, I try to make up for it when I can!! Let me show ya!!

Last week I went for an evening run(the only time it is cool enough around here) after the kiddos were in bed. When I got back home I headed to the back patio to sit and cool off while drinking a big glass of ice water. Oz-man had other ideas.

Think you can get this toy from me?

Think again, lady!!!

Ozzy may be small but this dog has a jaw of steal. If he doesn’t want to give up his play toy, you better forget it. Tug of war is his game of choice….he likes knowing he is going to win!!

I managed to get it once or twice but when he got it back, he decided he was NOT letting go.

Would you believe that Ozzy is 10 years old? He is still so full of energy and I hope continues to stay that way for some time. At the Vet, he is now considered a “senior”.  I sure the heck hope when I reach my senior years, I still have the same kind of pep in my step, lol!!!


How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

How many days per week do you like to work out? Do you have a minimum and maximum?

Tell me about the favorite animal in your life!!


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