My Very 1st What I Ate Wednesday

I love Wednesdays in the blog world(Wed-nes-day)!!……Come on, you know you say it like that, too!! Or maybe not and I am just the whacky one ;-).

I cannot help but look forward to all the fun WIAW posts to see what everyone stuffed in their face ate the previous day. The menus range from super healthy, to not healthy at all to somewhere in between. Of course, I fall into the Uber-Healthy category(yeah, right)…….more like the, “I tried to be healthy but my cravings took over” category, ha!!

I started my day the same way I start EVERY day. With a cup of Joe. I have a Keurig now but before I got it, my husband was usually kind enough to get a pot started so it would be brewing when I woke up in the mornings. It is a bad start to the day if I don’t have my coffee within five minutes of waking up!!

Butter Toffee Flavor

Coffee was followed by a slice of Trader Joe’s sprouted grain bread topped with almond butter, a sprinkling of chia seeds and half a banana, sliced.

Normally, I would probably have had a little extra protein with it but I was heading to the gym and didn’t want my food sitting like a rock in my tummy. That is no bueno!

After getting back from the gym, I grabbed a handful…okay TWO handfuls of dark chocolate covered edamame. This was another one of my Trader Joe purchases and it is so yum!! It may sound a bit odd but it is very similar to the sweet and salty combo of chocolate covered peanuts or almonds.

Addicting.  I think I will have to refrain from buying it next time. My waist line no likey…but my mouth does!!!

Lunch was a bit heavier than usual but I was fine with it since I had a smaller breakfast and my snack wasn’t all that substantial. We had leftover pasta and meat sauce so I helped myself to a bowl of that sprinkled with a bit of feta cheese.

Does anyone else out there think that feta cheese is the most incredible cheese ever? I think it adds the best flavor to just about anything!

I normally do pretty well keeping my food in check in the earlier part of the day. However, late afternoon rolls around and for some reason my mind and tummy (okay, most likely just my mind) thinks it needs to be fed…and fed….and fed. I need to work on this!

Snack #1

Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt

Snack # 2

Trader Joe’s Monkey Business snack mix

I ate this while watching Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show so I paid NO attention to how much I was shoveling into my mouth. All I know is that is was way too much. Uh oh!!

When dinner finally came around, it is safe to say that I wasn’t starving or anything. Actually, I blame dinner for causing me to eat too much snacky food because the aroma of the beef fajitas simmering away in the crockpot was just so good! While I wanted two fajitas for din-din I stuck with one because I didn’t want to be doubled over with a food baby. I love good food but I hate the miserable feeling of eating too much!!

Notice more feta cheese?!

For the record, my favorite way to eat beef fajitas other than on a sizzling plate at a restaurant is this way. These aren’t just good, they are GREAT!! Try them. Soon!!!

There you have it, folks. It certainly wasn’t a perfect day of eating but it sure was an enjoyable one!



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2 responses to “My Very 1st What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Amber

    Yum! Now I want fajitas! I think it sounds like a good day! My biggest weakness is the snack right before bed. How do you live without one?!?

    • Normally I do crave something sweet after dinner but I was so full last night that I didn’t care to indulge. Late afternoon and late evening snacking is always my weakness!

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