Chuck E Cheese Salad Bar

Good afternoon, friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday so far!

In my house we are taking some time to wind down after a very busy yesterday….and first half of today.

With my kids being out of school for the Summer I try to find entertainment for them that is out of the house so I don’t constantly have to hear how bored they are. Plus, mom guilt starts setting in after a certain amount of time in front of the television or on the computer. Gotta keep these kids active, nowadays!!

Earlier in the week my good friend Brandi and her two kids(uh….teenagers….where did the time GO??) asked if we wanted to hit up Chuck E Cheese at some  point. They like the pizza and salad bar and my kids like the games and characters so it was a win-win! Except that I was a little apprehensive about it. :-O  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it before but I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe!! And I can easily get grossed out while eating somewhere with lots of snotty nose little kids running around. Yep, I said it and YES, I am aware that I have two of my own, lol!!!

Here is Chuck E, himself!

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I got to Chuck E Cheese and saw that not only was it not busy(translation= CLEAN) but the salad bar was loaded with all kinds of crisp and yummy looking veggies. Even better, I had a coupon for “All you can eat”salad bar for $4.99. Score!!!

Check it out!!!

Looks pretty good, wouldn’t you agree? I did go back back for a second plate since I limited myself to one slice of pizza.

Let the games begin!!!

My friend Brandi with her teens, Maddi and Caleb. They played the games and help rack up tickets for my kids. They were good at them, too!!

Ski Ball….my games of choice!!

Her’s, too 🙂

Here is Liam playing a simulated version! Much safer this way. He has been known to just about knock people out while playing the regular version, lol!!

Random: Does anyone remember when Chuck E Cheese was called Showbiz?! I had my 7th birthday there and that was BIG TIME for us. Normally, we just had cake and ice cream at home with a couple family members and friends. Ah, the memories!!

After leaving Chuck E Cheese we were off to pick up my daughters friend for a sleepover. Sleepovers are awesome! Except when you have two out of tune(but awfully cute!!)six year olds singing karaoke to Taylor Swfit and Miley Cyrus. Thanks Brandi….the karaoke machine was the best gift ever!!! Please note the sarcasm here!!

I needed a break from the ‘concert” so I headed out with the boy for a nice evening walk!

Pushing a 47 pound four year old up steep hills is no joke!! I need to remember to do this more often!!


Workout of the day

My plan for the day was to take a 30 minute kickboxing class at the gym. I have been feeling the classes this week and a 30 minute Turbo Kick class was all that was offered this morning for cardio. I rushed myself and the kids out of the house this morning, running a bit behind and just knowing that I was going to be late. Wrong!!

For some reason I thought the class started at 8:15 but it actually started at 8:45. I figured this must have been the cardio Gods trying to tell me something(or maybe next time I just need to check the class schedule) so I did a 20 minute incline walk on the treadmill waiting for the class to start. I tell ya, I think I am going to have a super perky butt  by the end of Summer with all this incline walking I have been doing!!

I worked up a pretty good sweat in the class but I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. When I have taken Turbo Kick at this gym before, it is normally one of two teachers that I really like who teach it. Not today. This was a new to me instructor and I just never “felt” her the entire time. It seemed her timing was off, she wasn’t as energetic as I like and she kept telling us to keep pushing it, even though she wasn’t. I probably sound super picky right now and I know it cannot be easy to get up and teach and talk at the same time BUT in comparison to the other instructors I am used to, she was just okay. I am still debating about whether I will continue to take this particular class. Who knows, maybe she will grow one me?!!

 As a kid did you ever have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese or Showbiz ? Do you take your kids there now?

Have you ever stopped taking a class due to an instructor not making it as good as it could be?

Do you prefer running or walking on a treadmill?



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5 responses to “Chuck E Cheese Salad Bar

  1. Amber

    The robotic animals scared me when I was little and still freak me out! Germs freak me out too! I love to go to these places on weekday afternoons to avoid the dirty crowds!
    I’ve become addicted to salads lately so a clean salad bar sounds amazing!
    I don’t take many classes but if the instructor doesn’t inspire me, forget it!
    Lovin your blogs!

  2. Amber

    Oh and I love your friends top! She looks like their sister! And you’re adorable in your workout gear, I bet everyone stares out their window to see you jog by!

  3. I used to go when it was Showbiz too! I loved watching the creepy show while eating pizza and playing in the balls!

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