Voting is Open. Help Pick my Blog Header!!

After playing around in Paint all morning and trying to create a header for my blog, I have become very indecisive on which to choose.

Just so you know, I have very little experience in ANY type of graphics software so as you are looking at these, please be nice and keep that in mind!!!

I am going to keep voting open until Tuesday morning when I will either

  • Choose the option with the most votes
  • or if voting is close, I will go with the one that appeals most to me. What I really mean is, if no one votes, I will be forced to choose one on my own!!

While I don’t want to resort to begging, I do want to ask my AWESOME blog reader to, HELP ME OUT HERE!!! I honestly don’t mind lurkers on my blog, in fact I LOVE and feel so grateful that anyone at all takes the time to read about my life and daily ramblings. But just this ONCE, I am asking you to come out of hiding and leave a comment to help me out. After that, you can lurk as much as you like ;-)!!!!

Here are the choices:

Time to vote!!! Which one of these should be my header display?



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3 responses to “Voting is Open. Help Pick my Blog Header!!

  1. Reblogged this on Fit Minded Mom and commented:

    Don’t forget to vote!!!

  2. Amber

    The quote on #2 & #3 is different. I’m assuming you are asking about the format style though. 🙂

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