A Night on the Town

Good morning sunshines!!!

Speaking of sunshine, we are getting ALOT of it in my neck of the woods this week. Check out the forecast!!

It’s getting hot in out here, so take off all your clothes……..Seriously though, if I am going to be hanging outside this week it WILL be in a swim suit!!

While we are on the subject of getting hot, this is me after my workout this morning. Collapsed on the floor and a sweaty mess!!

Today’s workout was one I found on Peanut Butter Fingers blog and it was a good one! While it was a tough workout it seemed harder today than I think I would normally find it to be. Call it a case of the Monday’s but I was lacking workout motivation this morning so it was pretty much a forced workout. I liked it but I was just ready to be finished with it.  At least I got it done!!

Workout of the Day


Now moving onto the fun stuff!! As you know, Lance turned 34 on Friday and we celebrated with a delicious cake and a date night out with some of our favorite friends, Chris and Brandi. Going out always feels like a special occasion around our house. Our family lives a couple hours away and we don’t have a regular baby sitter so date night is a rare treat!!

What do you know, I managed to have a good hair day as well. This night was already off on the right foot!!

The birthday boy and I all ready to go!

Let’s just go ahead and get the obligatory picture posing out of the way 😉

Someone took our picture before we were able to perfect our posing, lol! Must have been a man!!

Chris and Brandi. Such a wonderful couple!! They “get” us. I am known to be pretty out-spoken and no topic is off-limits around them. That is a requirement for great friendship. At least in my book!!

At this point, Lance is saying, “Enough with the picture-taking already”. Ha!! He had no idea what he was in for!!!

Lance works for an adult beverage company and one of his good clients is a country club. They were gracious enough to let us come by as honorary members for the night and enjoy the incredible food and atmosphere.

It was a little chilly inside(but who am I to say because I am ALWAYS cold) so I decided to order a cup of soup to help warm me up a bit. It was delicious. Roasted corn and poblano….warm and spicy!!!

Next up was a skinny margarita!! I always get a bit nervous about how these are going to taste but I have to say, this was probably the best one I have had.

I sipped on this while eating some yummy appetizers! The guacamole was SO GOOD. When do I not love it though?!. Always a favorite. We also ordered some scallops but I just had a tiny bite. They weren’t bad tasting but the texture just didn’t go over very well with me.

With all the snacking we did, I wasn’t very hungry when it came time to order entrees. I decided on a Southern Club, thinking a sandwich would be pretty light. Not this one!! It was HUGE!! I have a pretty good appetite but I wasn’t even able to finish half the sandwich. I did manage to munch on some of the sweet potato fries. I wasn’t about to pass those up!!

After several hours of good food, stimulating conversation and listening to some pretty darn good live music, it was time to call it a night.

Until our next date night……….

What is the forecast looking like in your area this week?

What is your favorite date night activity?



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5 responses to “A Night on the Town

  1. My favorite date night is a cute restaurant just steps from my front door. Great daily specials and great service can’t be beat 🙂

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