It’s a Nail Biter

So, do you notice something different about my blog today? Look up……yep, I spy a custom header! Thanks so much to those who took the time to vote. The vote went overwhelmingly to header #1 which I am super happy with :-). I may decide to change it up in the future but for now it feels great to have something colorful and fun up there!


I went to bed an excited lady last night!! All because I had prepared a jar of overnight oats to be deliciously devoured enjoyed this morning. I love my cold oats but it isn’t something I  want every day. I don’t know why because they are superb and SO filling but I love to save them as a special breakfast. It feels like I am treating myself when I eat them. And I am….to a healthy body;-)

Today my overnight oats consisted of Naturally More Peanut Butter, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 TBSP chia seeds and 2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I topped it off with 1/2 fresh sliced banana and some Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Holy shucks, these little things are flippin’ GOOD!!! I was introduced to these little squares of goodness through the blog, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. She is always raving about them and commenting on how addicting they are so I just knew I had to try them. I am declaring them my new favorite cereal!!!

While we are still on the subject of food, let me share a couple of my meals from yesterday. Nothing fancy but they did their job of filling my belly , tasted pretty good and were nutritious to boot!

Perfect meal for a hot summer afternoon. My salad was filled with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots, dried cranberries(loved this sweet addition) white cheddar cheese crumbles and sliced turkey. Umm, ummm good!!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!! Grilled chicken breasts(thanks, Lance for manning the grill in 100 degree heat) served alongside some fresh steamed broccoli and sun-dried tomato and basil quinoa. This is the best quinoa ever! My daughter goes back for 2nd and sometimes 3rd servings. Every time!!


Nail Biter

Do you have a bad habit that try as you might, you just cannot seem to break? I sure do. My name is Suzanne and I am a nail biter. At 34 years of age. How embarrassed should I be about that?! I have tried time and time and time and time….(you get the idea) again to let them grow and I have had semi-success only two times. The last time I made the attempt, I thought I might have finally kicked the habit. However, it was short-lived. I managed to keep them long for about 2 months but for whatever reason, most likely a stressful situation I ended up biting them all off. It was a sad day. 😦

I don’t want super long nails that look like they could be used as daggers. I simply want to grow them to an “active length” and keep them nice and manicured. I want to not cringe when I see them in a picture or when I am shaking someones hand.

See what I mean!! Cringe-worthy!!!

Apparently, they need a good waxing, too!! Just call me “Man Hands”. Ugh!!

So, here is the deal: I am going to try for the 1,000,000 time to grow them out!!! I will periodically post pictures on here to show my progress.  I figure if I cannot do it on my own, I may just have to shame myself into it, lol. I really don’t want to come here week after week not having made any progress and maybe the support and the “I know you can do it’s'” will keep me motivated to make it happen. For REAL this time!!

Do you have a bad habit you need to break?

Have you kicked a bad habit in the past? How did you do it?



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4 responses to “It’s a Nail Biter

  1. Amber

    When I was little I was so jealous of a girl that had nails like yours. Mine grow so fast and get long quickly and are strong! They rarely chip and it’s tons more maintenance to keep them short! I never go in for manicures because they look to fake, in my opinion, when painted. Its funny how what one person dislikes about themselves another person loves. I also liked that girls thick athletic thighs when I was little and had chicken legs.

    • I don’t want long nails, I just want them to look decent. Plus, biting nails is SUCH a gross habit and you would think since I am a germ-a-phobe, that would be deterrent enough!

  2. never been a nail biter but I wish you luck on kicking the habit. I DO fidget constantly by cleaning under my nails though. That could be a bad thing but at least my nails look nice haha I keep them natural because chipped paint drives me nuts and maintaining painted nails is annoying to me. I’m told I should check out Shellac…wonder if that could help you since it’s not the usual paint, it’s gel I think.

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