Summer Lovin’

Hope everyone is having a grand weekend so far!!! It has been a productive one for me!

Let me start off by saying that I am SORE today! As I was laying in bed stretching my limbs, my abs and chest started screaming at me! Whoa….who knew my short but obviously KICK BUTT at home Cross Fit workout would do that to me! I am pleased!!

I wasn’t going to let my aching body get in the way of my Day 3 Cross Fit workout so I got right to it!

Workout of the Day

At Home Cross Fit WOD#3

Five rounds of the following for time:

10 tuck jumps

15 back extensions(I did them on stability ball)

I was able to do these in 7:23 seconds and I have no idea if that is a good or bad time. All I know is that it is my time and one that I hope to improve upon :-)!

Now moving on to my weekly workout wrap-up:

MondayCircuit Workout

Tuesday– 30 minute elliptical workout

Wednesday– Rest Day

ThursdayCross Fit Home Version WOD #1, plus 20 minutes elliptical

FridayCross Fit Home Version WOD #2(Tabatas)

Saturday: Cross Fit Home Version WOD #3


I am most definitely a warm weather gal. I will take it ANY day over cold temps, that’s for sure. However, I sometimes find myself on the complaining side of things when it gets a bit too hot! That’s when I start reminding myself of all my Summer loves. Here are just a few:

Summer Beach Hair: Never-mind the fact that I live nowhere near a beach! I love the look of ‘beach hair”and know there is a product you can buy to get the look but didn’t want to bother with finding it or gathering the ingredients to make it(though I might in the future just for fun). Instead I went a different route. While my hair was still wet from my shower, I put it in a sock bun on top of my head and went to sleep like that. When I woke up, I took it down and was horrified to find that it looked like I inserted my finger in a light socket, lol!! Not to worry, I was able to tame it with a little water, leave in conditioner and some finger combing. I liked the finished look!

What do you think? Okay, for a casual look?

Swimming Pools– Okay, I’m not going to lie, I would prefer a beach but since I am land-locked in the middle of Texas, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon!! Lucky for me, I have a pretty good alternative. We have a pool in our neighborhood but it doesn’t quite compare to hanging out at my friend, Brandi’s house in her backyard oasis. I will say, as beautiful as it is, I am happy to hang out once a week and let her deal with all the creepy crawly friends she is sure to encounter. (I’m talking to you snakes and spiders!!)

Soaking up some Vitamin D! Don’t worry I have SPF 50 on!!

Fresh Berries– Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries. Need I say more. They really are one of the best parts of Summer!!

Sweet Cherries. My fave!!

Snow Cones– These take me back to my childhood. I remember being so excited when we would hear the music of the snow cone truck playing. Out the door we would run, barefoot on the blazing hot cement and it would not slow us down a bit. My favorite flavor back then was Rainbow with a piece of frozen Double Bubble hidden in the bottom. Such great memories!! Instead of waiting for a non-existent snow cone truck, we now head to our favorite snow cone stand when we want to feed our flavored ice cravings.

Today I decided on a Fuzzy Navel

Lance got the “Barbie” flavor. Yep, he is secure in his manhood!! In his defense, that is what Camryn gets every time and we always steal bites because it is so good. Might as well get his own!!

Flip Flops–  I wear them year round but I REALLY appreciate them during the warmer months! They are easy to slip on, comfy and if you find the right pair you can wear them with just about anything! I pair mine with sundresses, skirts, shorts and even workout clothes when I am too lazy to change after a workout. However, I am never too lazy to take off my tennis shoes. I love them for working out and wearing around casually in the Winter but in the Summertime, NO WAY. Too hot!!



I spent my morning at the grocery store and didn’t feel like being creative in the kitchen at lunch time. Instead, I picked up a Take N Bake style cheese pizza at the store and doctored it up to my liking.

All it took was slicing up a roma tomato and adding a bit of basil. Margherita Pizza my friends. So good!!!

Served with a side of cucumbers and fresh cherries!!

Now it’s time to start thinking about dinner!!!A turkey burger with a side of sweet potato fries is sounding mighty good….yep, it’s decided!!

If you had to choose, would you pick to live it a climate where it was always hot or always cold?

What are some of your Summer must-haves?

What are your favorite pizza toppings?



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6 responses to “Summer Lovin’

  1. I love your hair! I must try this sock bun! You look sexier than usual! 😉 Girl if I could CHOOSE my climate it would be perfectly 80 degrees sunny, with one week of winter to enjoy,a few rainy days for snuggling, but that’s it LOL!

    • Sexy?! You are too sweet!! I agree, I would choose mid-temps too, nothing over low 90’s for sure.

      And for the record, I suck at the sock bun and could never wear it in public but it makes for cute “beach hair”!

  2. Love love love the summer beach hair – relaxed waves are my favorite style

  3. Spinach and feta pizza, hands down!

    Summer is the best 🙂

  4. Love your hair!!!! It’s HOT!!!

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