To Gym or Not to Gym. That is the Question?

Let’s get right to it this morning!

You have seen this meal before but it is one my my favorites so definitely worth repeating!

Coconut Walnut Encrusted chicken with a couple pieces of Italian breadcrumb nuggets. A favorite for my entire family, kids included!! Lance and I prefer ours topped with Franks Buffalo sauce and my kids like to dip theirs in BBQ sauce.


To gym or not to gym, that is the question?!

If you have been keeping up with my blog recently you most likely have noticed that a good majority of my workouts are done at home. With my kids being out of school for Summer break, it just seems so much more convenient. I prefer morning workouts because if I get it done early, there aren’t excuses the rest of the day to keep me from getting it done. My kids however, aren’t always ready to be dragged out of the house when I want to go and while I can most certainly make them, it doesn’t do much for getting my day started off on the right foot.

Kids aside, working out at home offers other conveniences as well.

  • Saves gas. My gym is a 10-15 minute drive
  •  Convenient. It is easy to just throw on clothes(mismatched works just fine), put my hair in a pony tail and get to it.
  • Money saver. Working out at home is FREE.
  • I have a decent selection of workout equipment and videos for my use.

However, there are many things I like about working out at a gym.

  • Motivation of working out with others
  • I enjoy group exercise and would have to give that up.
  • Variety in workout equipment from cardio machines to endless amounts of weights.
  • Sometimes, it is nice to have an hour of uninterrupted time away from my kids. Working out at home is easy but there are usually a couple of times I have to take a break to tend to my kids.

The last issue could be eliminated if I got up at 6am to workout instead of putting it off to 7:30am or so.

There is also a THIRD option. I could cancel my current membership and get one at a gym much closer to home. Actually, a whole lot closer. I have an Anytime Fitness that is literally, just three minutes down the road. The main downside to this place is that they do not offer childcare at  their facility. That would mean I would have to go super early in the morning(Lance leaves for work at 5:30am!!!) or go in the evenings and weekends when he is home. I am not sure I want to revolve my workout schedule around his work schedule.


Not too much pressure though….I still have some time to think about it 🙂


Workout of the Day

Cross Fit Home Version WOD #6

100 pushups for time

I added to this one because while my arms were feeling like noodles, I needed a good sweat to go along with it. 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical completed this workout.

Do you workout at home or the gym?

Why do you choose that location?




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3 responses to “To Gym or Not to Gym. That is the Question?

  1. Samantha

    Wow, that dinner looks so good! I will have to look for your complete recipe in a bit. I noticed your awesome collection of workout DVDs- which was are your favorite? I would like to invest in more workout DVDs but the options are endless! I would love to know which ones you think are worth buying!

    • I have never met a Jillian Michaels video I didn’t like! They are pretty challenging and most are less than 45 minutes which is a big deal for me. No More Trouble Zones is a great weight workout and 30 Day Shred is more circuit style.

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