Headache of a Day + Pulled Pork

Goodness, after writing my blog post yesterday morning, I was overcome with a major headache that would NOT go away.

Normally, I only allow myself one cup of coffee each morning(weekends I get two!!) but I went ahead and had an extra cup thinking it might have been a “lack of caffeine” headache but nope, it didn’t do the trick.  After that, I guzzled tons of water because I was out in the intense sun and heat for hours the day before and thought I could be a bit dehydrated. That didn’t work either. And for some odd reason, I never thought to take any medicine for it. Now that probably would have worked, lol!!!

When it was time to get dinner started, I was SO VERY HAPPY that I had planned a crock pot meal in advance! I didn’t have it in me to stand slaving over a stove, at least with not getting super cranky. I have to tell ya, I am truly loving cooking with a crock pot in the Summer months. Remember my crock pot beef fajitas? I don’t know why but in years past, I always saved it for Fall and Winter when I was craving good ol’ comfort food. However, I really think now is the best time to use it.

Last night’s supper: Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

This is such an easy meal to throw together but it has always been a crowd pleaser.

I generally buy boneless pork country style ribs to use because the flavor is wonderful and there isn’t much fat on them. I don’t like dealing with all that, it grosses this girl out!

I just stick them in the crock pot along with 8 oz. of either beer(your choice) or some type of stock(chicken, beef, ect) and set them on low to cook for about 6 hours. You could also set it on high and cook for about 3 hours if you were in a hurry. However, I think the longer they cook, the better they taste!

Once the pork is done cooking, I take off any fat and shred the remaining pork with a fork and then add BBQ sauce to the meat. Here is the real key to this dish: You stick the pork in the oven(make sure you put the meat in an oven proof dish first), uncovered for about 20 minutes(set at 400 degrees) to let the sauce get a little sticky and the tips a little crunchy. Trust me, don’t skip that step. It is what MAKES this recipe!!

Normally, I like to add a big heaping pile of creamy coleslaw to the top on my sandwich but tonight I decided to fore-go the bun.  After all, I am trying to make better choices right now :-).  Instead I served it with a delicious side of roasted veggies.

In the mix was red potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, red onion and green beans. I tossed them with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper before cooking. Tasty!!

For such little effort, it was quite the meal!!

I am almost a little sad that I won’t be able to enjoy the leftovers for lunch today.

Well, may be not THAT sad seeing as how I will be enjoying lunch from a FOOD TRUCK today!! Downtown Fort Worth has a food truck park and my friend and I are taking the kids and checking it out this afternoon. She has decided to slowly change her diet to a Vegan lifestyle and since I like to be a supportive friend, that is the truck we are going to hit up today.

I’m so excited…..and I just can’t hide it!!!!!! (Anyone know this song or am I totally aging myself here?) Hint: The Pointer Sisters?!?!


Since I’m out of here soon, let’s go ahead and get to today’s workout!!

Workout of the Day

Crossfit Home Version WOD #9

4 sets for time:

Sprint 50m

10 burpees

Sprint 50m

10 situps

Sprint 50m

10 squats

*And for the record, I did NOT get my cardio exercise in yesterday. With the headache I had, I thought the rest day was actually quite necessary.

Do you like to eat pulled pork sandwiches plain or with coleslaw on top?

Have you ever eaten from a food truck? If so, what did you get and were you pleased?



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5 responses to “Headache of a Day + Pulled Pork

  1. I think pulled pork is one of the reasons I could never be vegetarian. LOL

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  4. Julia Eiche

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