Food Trucks

I am actually quite pleased to see this Monday morning!! Vacation officially starts for Lance today which means that vacation officially starts for me, too!! Squeal!!! I love staying home with my kids but having another adult to do things with for a full week…..well, I can barely contain my excitement!!

We decided to hold off on a “real” vacation this year because we are saving up for the BIG one next year….Disney World! While I have to admit to feeling a teensy bit disappointed, it is also a relief to know that we can enjoy ourselves without stressing about how much we are spending and all that stuff 😉 Besides, we have planned some awesome adventures for our “staycation” which you will see throughout the week I am sure!!


Alrighty, now time to rewind to Friday so I can share my first food truck experience with y’all!!

I have heard so much about food trucks in the last year or two and I was very curious about all the buzz surrounding them. I am happy to say that now I fully understand!! Friday, I loaded up the kids and off we went to meet my friend, Serena (and her cutie pies) at the Fort Worth Food Park.

Gotta thank my six year old for being the photographer here!! (Thanks, Camryn!!!)

We arrived about 20 minutes before they officially opened but that was fine because it gave us time to let the kids run around and play(work up an appetite is what I REALLY mean) and I was able to snap some pics before it got busy. There were seven or eight food trucks in total so it also gave us time to browse the menus and decide what we wanted to fill our bellies with.

As soon as I saw Lee’s Grilled Cheese I knew what I was getting!!!

I am a sucker for a good grilled cheese but make it gourmet style and I am all over it!!!

Tomato and mozzarella with spinach leaves. So, so, so, good.

Because there were so many options and I did not want to limit myself, Serena and I decided we would each order something different and split it. I gave her half my grilled cheese sammie and she gave me one of her vegan sweet and spicy tacos. Holy cow!!! It was out of this world!! I don’t know a ton about vegan food but the “meat” was seitan and incredibly delicious. If I had not known what it was, I would have thought I was eating a regular meat taco.

The Vegan Food Truck is Called “Zombies“. How appropriate that we took pics of our own little zombies in front of it.

And I had to get in on the action, too.

Don’t worry, we aren’t done tasting food just yet! My daughter opted to go for pizza and oh my, did she make the right choice. This one took a bit longer to cook than our other orders but man, oh man it was worth the wait! I couldn’t help myself and kept taking little nibbles off her plate. Like she needed a whole pizza to herself anyway ;-)! It was seriously the perfect tasting cheese pizza.

We were all nice and stuffed BUT how could we leave without helping ourselves to a little dessert. I knew right away what I wanted when I saw it. Back to the Zombie Vegan truck we went to try their Chocolate Avocado Mousse.

Topped with sliced strawberries and a hazelnut syrup you would never in a MILLION years guess the main ingredient in this was avocado. I will make a point of going back just for this, I promise you that!!

Look, it is even dog friendly! This is little Nick(the toddler) playing with little Nick, the dog. How cute is that?!

The  Gepetto’s Pizza truck.

 Red Jett’s Cupcake truck. They have cupcake treats for the four-legged friends, too!

See, they have it all!!!

This will be a super awesome place to venture out to once the weather cools down a bit. I can see myself making frequent trips this Fall:-).


Workout of the Day

Oh boy. I have to give myself a big thumbs down for my Home Version of Crossfit this weekend. I was a bum and didn’t work any exercise into my weekend. I guess I will make up for it today!!

Since Lance is home this week, that allows me to get up and outside for my exercise which is a rare treat for me. He normally leaves for work at 5:30am so super early outdoor workouts just aren’t possible on the days he has to work. I am taking FULL advantage this week and heading outside!!

Today’s workout

30 minutes of walking/running intervals in my very hilly neighborhood. I am pretty sure I will be running a 5k in September so I need to start working on running a bit more. It isn’t a long distance but being that I have not run consistently in a good while, I want to be prepared no matter how long/short the run is!!

Home Version CROSSFIT WOD # 10

3 rounds for time:

20 tuck jumps

30 situps


Have you ever done a “Staycation’ in place of an actual vacation? If so, what did you do to make the most of it?

Do you prefer old fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches or do you like them gourmet style?



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3 responses to “Food Trucks

  1. Ok. HOW cool to have a park! We don’t have that, but we have 2 FT rallys a month and they are incredible. LOVE LOVE LOVE. In fact we have one this Saturday and I always say I’m going to blog it and then we just get way too excited to go and forget the Canon… THIS WEEK, for sure!

  2. Samantha

    Loved the photos of C with her pizza!

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