Celebrity Look A Like

Do you have a celebrity look-alike? I never thought much about it until I had multiple people come up to me within a very short time frame and tell me that I looked like a certain celebrity. A teen actress no less. Really? I don’t see it but hey, who am I to argue with them, right?!

So who is the actress? Nickelodeon star, Victoria Justice.

My husband is the one who started it all. My daughter was watching Victorious one day and Lance looked at me and said,”Hey, she looks like you”. Oh…..okay, Lance. Flattery will get your EVERYWHERE. Ha!! All kidding aside, he was being pretty serious. A couple weeks later I was volunteering at my daughter’s school when a couple ladies came over to me and said the same thing. Weird. I still didn’t see it. Of course, my daughter being the sweet thing that she is quickly stated, “No you don’t mom. Victorious is prettier than you”. Gotta love the honesty of children!!

I think I will let you be the judge. What do you think? Do you see a resemblance there? Mind you, I think she is all of 20 so I have a good 14 years on her!! Could we be related?

Other than the cheekbones, I think I am going to have to go with my daughter on this one. I still don’t see it!!!


Staycation Day # 3 was all about Lance and I getting some alone time and it was fabulous!! The kids had camp today so Lance accompanied me to a Dr. appointment (just a quickie basic check-up) and then we headed off for a lunch date together. Sadly, I think I ignored him much of the time because my taste buds and I were having a party all on our own!!

I seriously had the best lunch today and it is only fair that I tease you with pictures of it.

We made our way to a cute but slightly upscale(not stuffy) little bistro called Lili’s Bistro. Even the name is super cute. 🙂

There was a 10 or 15 minute wait which was fine because that gave me time to look at the menu and change my mind 100x’s about what I was going to order. Every time I made up my mind, a waiter would come out carrying a plate of deliciousness and I would scour the menu trying to figure out what it was!

I did know that I wanted something that was filling but not overly heavy so I decided to go with a combo plate. How can you go wrong with that! I ended up ordering the House Wedge(which will not be pictured because Lance and I ate it without thinking to snap a shot of it…piggies!!), the chicken salad and Bulgher and Berries.

I did not miss the bread at all!! The ingredients were soooo fresh and had such awesome flavors. When I tasted the bulgher and berries, I think my taste buds died and went to heaven. It was an unusual but very pleasing mix. Cherries, cranberries, banana chips and pistachios all mixed together. I MUST find a way to re-create this at home!!

As super-duper fantastic as my food was I made Lance order a a sandwich with their famous gorgonzola fries so I could steal a couple bites. I have never tasted a better fry in my life. No ketchup required!!!

If you are ever in the Fort Worth area, I highly recommend  you to make a pit stop here because if you don’t you will be so sad. And I will be sad for you.

For my friends that live in the area, who is going to be the first to volunteer in joining me here. Like soon?!!

Have you ever been told that you look like someone famous? Who was it?



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11 responses to “Celebrity Look A Like

  1. Amber

    You could definitely be sisters. You have similar eyes, cheeks, hair, smile and skin tone! You’re both beautiful!

  2. Kristi

    You definitely could be related- I see the similarities. I have been told on numerous occasions that I look like Katie Couric. There’s a large age gap between us too, but I see it a little bit.

    • I had to look up Katie Couric after you mentioned it and I can definitely see the resemblance, especially the shape of your eyes. It doesn’t hurt that your hair is similar, too!

  3. No, but you have similar features like face shape & eyebrows. Her hairline is not as rounded and her forehead is shorter. Different noses. There is something similar in your smiles but it’s more like the contours around your mouth than the lips/teeth themselves. You’re beautiful in each of your individual selves and it’s a nice little compliment to be compared to a young & pretty celeb 🙂 Just say THANK YOU! and go about your gorgeous self 🙂

  4. I honestly get that I look like Reese Witherspoon once a week.. it was cool in the beginning, but after a couple years now, it’s quite annoying to hear haha. If only I had her moneyyy 😦

    …wow, both those meals look amazing!!!

    • I think we all wish we had the money of celebrities but not so sure I would care for the paparazzi constantly hounding me like poor Reese Witherspoon. There is something to be said for being “normal”.

  5. Toni A.

    I am drooling over the food from Lili’s! Wow……..

  6. Apparently I look EXACTLY like Harrison Ford when he was younger.

  7. I love it and yes I see it. I am like you though, people tell me I look like Rachel McAdams and I still don’t see it. Great blog girl!!! That food looks delicious!!!

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