Seven Years Ago

Happy Friday the 13th!!

I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown by but I am beyond happy to have reached this day. Today is my daughter’s 7th birthday. Wait a minute, forget how the week has flown by….seven YEARS have come and gone MUCH too quickly!! We hear people say it all the time but really, it seems like she was born just yesterday and I remember every tiny little detail!

Earlier this week as I was planning her special day, I asked what she wanted for her birthday breakfast. A girl much like her mama, she chose blueberry muffins! As a little girl, blueberry muffins were always reserved for special moments in our house and it looks as if the tradition will continue. I should mention that part of this tradition has always been boxed muffins. You can judge all you want but in my opinion, they are pretty darn good!! 😉 I was pleasantly surprised when I found this new product from Duncan Hines.

Considering this is a boxed product, it has a surprisingly simple ingredient list. I compared it to three other brands of blueberry muffins and this has about 1/3 of the ingredients of the others. Real blueberries, too. Now that is a MUST!!

Not bad, huh!!

The true test is all in how it tastes. Verdict?

Delicious!!! The best boxed mix I have ever used for blueberry muffins!!


Just for fun(and because Camryn will get a kick out of seeing her baby pics on the internet) I want to share some special memories of the past seven years.

Happy Birthday, Little Lady!!!

37 weeks pregnant

One Day Old

Almost One!

2nd Birthday!

My pretty girl at THREE!

Ready to dance at FOUR!

Off to Kindergarten at FIVE!

Six going on 16!!!

She becomes more precious to me with each passing year!


What is your favorite muffin flavor?

Do you have a special tradition that you have carried from childhood into adulthood?



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3 responses to “Seven Years Ago

  1. This post was so sweet it made me cry a little! First of all, I cried because I wanted one of those muffins…but mostly because Camryn is just so beautiful, and getting too big too fast! Makes me think of my boys, and I can’t picture them at 7, but it’s going to happen FAST!

    I don’t remember the brand but I always remember my mom making me boxed blueberry muffins that came with real canned bluberries…cannot wait to try this one! Love ya!

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