Hard Boiled 101

Shout out to you early risers!! Two days of early workouts are in my pocket and I am feeling good. Incredibly sore…….but good!!!


Can I tell you how pleased I was with myself yesterday?! I finally, after MANY attempts(it has been years, people!!) managed to make the perfect hard boiled eggs!! I have to give credit to Cassie over at Back to her Roots for Hard Boiled 101 class!! I love her blog for many reasons but one being that she always has the most beautiful pictures of her food. Yep, even the pictures of her eggs are pretty. While leaving a comment on her page the other day I saw that someone else had asked how she always got her hard boiled eggs to turn out so perfect. Her directions were quite simple so why did my eggs never turn out like hers? I figured after years of over cooked, cracked and gray looking eggs I was destined to be that person who couldn’t even boil an egg. It has never felt so good to be so wrong!! I am giving myself an A+ in Hard Boiled 101!!

Here’s how you do it:

Add fresh eggs to COLD water in pan. Place the burner on high until the water begins to boil. Once the water boils, turn off the burner and put a lid on to cover the eggs. Allow to sit for 10 minutes before draining. Rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process and VOILA, you have yourself some perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs!! Easy peasy!!!


Remember my shopping trip I was excited about yesterday? Yeah, it wasn’t so exciting after all.

I have decided that I have no fashion sense anymore. I don’t know when and where I lost it but I have the hardest time putting outfits together. I used to be a shopping fool and I never had any issues filling up shopping bag after shopping bag with cute clothes.


Is it my age? I don’t think so! At 34 I am still very much aware of something cute when I see it….on other people. I just cannot put it together myself.

Is it my budget? Maybe?! But then again, I see people all the time sporting cute looks that they have purchased at places like Forever 21, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and even Target.

Lack of a shopping partner? Getting closer!! Even if I find something that I think is cute, I need validation from another person. My poor husband, he gets so many picture texts from the dressing room asking for an opinion on an outfit. As if he knows what is cute or not?!

Maybe it is time I start checking out more Fashion Blogs and putting outfit ideas in my head before hitting the store.

At least, the trip wasn’t a total lost cause. I did manage to get a pair of cute capri pants for $19.99. Only problem…… I will pair them with a tank and flip flops and be comfy but BORING!!

I am also having a bit of non buyers remorse for not getting a super adorable Calvin Klein dress that was on clearance for $29.00, marked down from $78.00!

Yep, definitely kicking myself for not getting this one!!! Maybe, just maybe I will go back on Friday and get it. What do you think? I guess if I am meant to have it, it will still be there. Looking on the bright side, here!!

What is your favorite way to eat eggs? Fried, hard boiled, scrambled, ect?

Where are you favorite places to shop?

Do you hunt for bargains or do you buy it regardless of price if you fall in love with an item?



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5 responses to “Hard Boiled 101

  1. you better go back and get that dress!! it is absolutely adorableeee on you 🙂

    love scrambled eggs mixed with different vegetables, and i like to bargain shop… but if something is really cute, i probably wouldn’t pass it up if the price was decent!

  2. Brandi

    Yeah, you screwed up, that dress is super cute! Sorry I didn’t go with because I would told you to buy, buy, buy!!!

    • That’s right. I can blame you Brandi!! Just kidding. I am trying to talk Lance into stopping in on his way home to see if it is still there. If not, I am heading back tomorrow morning with crossed fingers.

  3. That dress is adorable! And love the capris! My fav eggs will always be soft boiled. Scrambled a close second.

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