Let’s Talk Coffee

It’s Friday, It’s Friday…..Gotta Get Down on Friday! Anyone else know where these lyrics are from? It was a You Tube video that went viral and while I find it quite annoying it is also pretty catchy. I mean, I just blogged about it, right?! Really though, we have reached the end of the week so what better reason to “get down!!”.


 Let’s talk coffee. Let’s start with the stuff that we put in it. At least the stuff that I put in it. If you wondered if I drink my coffee black the answer would be a big fat NO!!

I heart coffee. SO MUCH! However, I only like it when it is turned into a creamy cup of yummy goodness. I just cannot drink it black. I have tried numerous times but the bitterness is just too much for me.  I have tried it with almond milk, skim milk and soy milk and while it is better than black coffee any day of the week, it does not work for my taste buds.

I love my creamer and I don’t even bother to get the low-fat or sugar free versions. No sir’e, I go for the full fat, bad for you stuff!! And you know what, I am 100% okay with that!! I often joke that I like to have a little coffee with my creamer due to the light color of my coffee but really I only consume about 1-2 tablespoons per day. It all depends on whether my coffee is flavored and what roast it is. Darker roaster=more creamer. Breakfast blend or light roast=less creamer.

My usual cup of coffee. Light and creamy!

Overall, that is an extra 35-70 calories per day and that is nowhere near enough extra calories for me to cut out and give it up. My coffee is a morning ritual that I don’t want to compromise. It is comforting to be able to enjoy a cup of joe in the peace of morning and I am pretty darn convinced I wouldn’t have the same enjoyment if I had to grimace with each sip. It comes down to a quality vs quantity thing for me. I would rather have one super delicious, energizing cup of coffee than two or three cups of the not so good stuff. Just my preference!

This is my creamer of choice. Delicious!!

While we are on the subject, I thought I would share some benefits of drinking a daily cup of coffee(or two). Many times, we hear negative talk about coffee due to it’s caffeine content(which can raise blood pressure temporarily) but it can actually be good for your health in several ways. Minus the creamer, I am sure. 😉

  • Women who drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day may lower their risk of depression by 15%
  • Associated with a lower Type 2 Diabetes risk
  • Lowers the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease by as much as 25%
  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer in men
  • As much as 20% less chance of stroke in women
  • Helps with exercise endurance when consumed one hour before a workout

If I am going to have a vice, at least it is one with SOME potentially positive benefits!!


Today’s workout

I am so rocking the Chalean Extreme workouts this week. I actually look forward to getting up and getting my workout on, even at the butt-crack of dawn. Yes, I did just say that :-)!!

I feel awesome, I really do!! My strength workouts are done for the week so it was all about Burn it Off & Recharge this morning.

I will give you an abbreviated version of the routine but Burn it Off is a 30 minute(close to) workout that includes exercises such as :


jumping jacks,

speed skaters

and football drills all performed at a high intensity pace. This will gets the heart rate up for sure!!

Recharge is a 20 minute yoga-esque workout that focuses on stretching and recharging the body. We can all use a little bit of that!!


Are you a coffee drinker?

How do you take your coffee? Black? Sugar or cream/milk?

If you have quit drinking coffee, what was your method for giving it up?



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5 responses to “Let’s Talk Coffee

  1. I ❤ coffee. It's a must every morning!

  2. I LOVE all these new health benefits that are being discovered – makes me love my morning cup of joe even more! haha

  3. I’m so ready to start drinking coffee again! 9 months without a daily fix was practically torture.

    • My first pregnancy was easy, I didn’t drink coffee back then. However, after I had my baby who NEVER slept it was the only thing that kept me functioning, lol! It WAS hard giving it up for my 2nd pregnancy but SO very worth it as I am sure you will agree 🙂

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