Take Me Out to the Ball Park

Yesterday was a great day!!

With my new workout schedule from Chalean Extreme, Mondays are specified as a rest day and I am digging that! Mostly because it keeps me from being too lazy on the weekends(Sunday is a weight day) and gives me a day to get my house in order because of course, it is always a big ol’ mess after the weekend.

I was able to get my house nice and clean, fresh sheets on all the beds(isn’t that the BEST!!) and then my kids and I relaxed a good part of the day. While I was busy cleaning, I let the kiddos watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on television and it seems it sparked an idea in them.  They thought playing dress-up with our dog Ozzy was a fantastic idea. Poor thing……while I felt bad for him I couldn’t help but laugh because he looked so darn cute in his Spider Dog costume from Halloween. Doesn’t he just look thrilled?!?

Do you see that eager look in his eye?! That’s because I had to hold up a dog treat to get him to look at the camera!! This next one is him licking his chops after he swallowed it in one bite. I swear, for such a little dog, he can EAT!!



Moving on to date night!! Sort of. Any time Lance and I are able to get out of the house without the kids, I label it date night! Lance was given some tickets through work for the Rangers vs Red Sox game so we put them to good use! I have to say, I love going to the Ball Park. The food is probably my most favorite part but the people watching, fans cheering and all around atmosphere makes me happy :-). Especially when our team wins!!!

Off we go!!

We have arrived!!

Along with our tickets to sit in “Budweiser Bullpen” we also received bracelets that allowed us to drink free beers and eat free food that they had set up for us.

I helped myself to a couple beers but I passed on the food because it didn’t look the least bit appetizing. It was mostly hotdogs and hamburgers but no where near the same type of yummy stuff they had going on at the concession stand. Since we were getting free beers, I figured we would splurge on REAL ball park food. Wouldn’t you do the same?! I decided on a chicken gordita which totally hit the spot but sadly I forgot to take a picture before wolfing it down. Bummer.

Before long, Lance and I were craving something else so I sent him off to get us some fries. He came back with the most obscene(in a GOOD way) basket of garlic fries. These weren’t just  “take me out to the ball park” good!! No, these were “you just hit it out of the ball park”, good!!!

I don’t know how I did it but I actually exercised self control with these babies and only ate enough to feel satisfied, NOT to fill me up. Slowly but surely, I am getting there!!

Do you notice Lance’s silly co-workers in the background? They were totally trying to ruin the photo but honestly, they only made it better. It cracks me up when I see the eyes peeking over our shoulders!! Good times, gooooood times ;-)!!



I thought it would be nice to give y’all an idea of what my CE workouts look like since some of you may not be familiar with the program.

Three days per week, I do weight circuits, lifting to failure and two days per week I do two cardio circuit workouts that include lots of plyometrics and exercises using very light weights. On the weight lifting days, the point is to lift as heavy as you can getting to failure by the 12th rep. The thing is, most of the exercises are only done in sets of one so you really have to concentrate on flexing the muscle you are working with each rep. Believe it or not, it will leave your muscles shaking if you are doing it right!!

Here is a breakdown of the exercises I did today to give you an idea of how this program works.

  • Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl
  • Lunge with tricep extension
  • Dead lift with row
  • Bowlers lunge with single arm row
  • Sumo Squat with overhead tricep extension
  • Bicep Curls with abductor balance
  • Forward lean lunge with double row
  • Triple Threat pushup(these are KILLER)

I decided at the beginning of the program to take before pictures and as scary as it may be, I have made the decision to post updated photos after completing each phase of the program. While I don’t love the idea of sharing pictures of myself in a bikini(in bad lighting no less) I am super excited to see the results that I achieve.  The scale can be a good reminder to us when we are trying to lose weight but it certainly does not tell the whole story which is why I think that measuring weight loss success in other ways is so important.

If you have a pet, do they ever wear clothes?

What is your favorite ball park food?

How do you measure weight loss? Scale, pictures, body fat percentage, ect?


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