WIAW #6 + Jump Rope Fat Blaster

Here we are again, half way through another week. That means the countdown continues for my weekend getaway!! Two more days and I am Baton Rouge bound. I might want to start thinking about getting some packing done today!!

I did think ahead and do some planning for getting in a workout while I am gone. Whether I do it or not will be another story but hey, if the feeling strikes, I will be ready to go!! I figured quick and effective is the best way to go but it also has to be fun. What is more fun than going back to your childhood and sweating it our with a jump rope!! I love jump roping and find myself asking why I don’t do it nearly as much as I used to. Besides, it is an incredibly portable piece of workout equipment!

Years ago when I was working with a trainer to get in tip top shape for my wedding, I was re-introduced to the jump rope. At first I could barely get it over without getting myself all tangled up in it but with some practice I was able to get it down quite nicely. I actually turned into quite the jumper and was even able to bust out a few tricks with the rope. Though my skills are a bit rusty, I am still pretty decent and find that when I do use jumping rope as my cardio workout, I have lots of fun. So, now you know what inspired this workout!!!

Fat Blasting Jump Rope Workout

2 minutes jumping rope

10 pushups

60 second plank

10 lunges(each leg) with front kick

2 minutes jumping rope

10 tricep dips

60 second wall sit

10 double unders

*repeat circuit 2-3 times, resting one minute in between


 WIAW #6

Breakfast- After a hard core lifting session this morning I was ready for something to fill my belly. Nothing sounded better than eggs, except maybe eggs topped with cheese so that is what I went with. One whole egg and one white, topped with some provolone and eaten open faced on a piece of toast. So good!!

Snack: My eggs kept me full for a good while but I did find myself getting snacky(not necessarily hungry) and I went in for a few pretzel crisps. This buffalo wing flavor is might tasty!!

Lunch: Now this meal is where it was at!! Grilled portabella’s topped with feta along side a green salad. I had never made these before and was a bit worried about how they would turn but let me just say, my worry was wasted. This was the best homemade lunch that has touched my lips in maybe……EVER!! My husband hates mushrooms of any kind but when I sent him a text of the picture, even he said it almost made him want to try them…..almost!

Snack: Around 3pm I started craving something sweet and since there is a frozen yogurt place just up the road from my house, I figured the kids and I would give it a whirl.  I decided to go with a small kids cup size to keep my portion under control and it was just the right amount. I went with a mixture of cheesecake and salted caramel yogurts, topped with a few extra goodies.

Dinner: After my fabulous frozen yogurt, dinner seemed quite boring in comparison and honestly, it was. It was really healthy which is great but for some reason, I couldn’t get excited about it. Must have been due to the fact that my lunch was SO.VERY.GOOD!!!

I hope you enjoyed and as always I want to thank Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting the always fun “What I ate Wednesday” for those of us who love to write about our food and those who love to read about it! 🙂

What was your favorite gym-time exercise as a kid?

Mushrooms. Love Em’ or Leave Em’?



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11 responses to “WIAW #6 + Jump Rope Fat Blaster

  1. Thanks so much for sharing that Jump Rope Circuit. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow! Do you mind if i link you to it on my page tomorrow as well?

  2. My kids always get those round liquid filled fruit things (what are they called?) on their yogurt.

    Just found your blog through WIAW – fun to see another Texas mama out there! I’ll be back.

    • I see you live in San Antonio, lucky you!! I love it down there. You know, I have NO CLUE what the round balls are that I put on my yogurt but I do like them, lol!Thanks so much for checking out my blog!!

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    That looks like an awesome circuit, thanks for sharing! Such yummy eats, too. I love those pretzel crisps- I just tried the jalepeno cheddar variety, so good!

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