Baton Rouge Bound

Hello there, Friday!!! It is SO good to see you :-)!!

The countdown is over and in a couple hours, I am headed to the airport and jetting off to Baton Rouge for the weekend. I have decided to let go of the mom guilt and anxiety and enjoy my weekend to the fullest!!

While I will miss this………

I will in no way miss THIS!!!

My daughter’s room could rival a tornado any day of the week!!



Yesterday, I realized that I had TWO almost empty jars of nut butter!! Lucky me, except that it made it hard to pick which one I wanted to use for my end of the jar overnight oats. Peanut butter or almond butter…..oh, how can I choose?! Easy, I flipped a coin like any normal person would;-)!!

Heads for almond butter, tails for peanut butter.

 And the winner is…dun, dun, da dun……..


I love me some overnight oats and always feel like I am eating something decadent for breakfast when I have them. How fitting for today, right!! Plus, they are extremely filling so I won’t have to worry about eating unhealthy airport food to tide me over.

I am stashing my favorite Luna bar, the Chocolate Dipped Coconut flavor in my purse just in case my tummy gets to rumbling on the plane ride over. That should be more than enough seeing as it only takes about an hour and twenty minutes to get there.

Okay, gotta run!! I am all packed up and now is the perfect time to get some extra snuggles in with my family!! See y’all Monday:-)

If you had been the one choosing would you have picked the almond butter or the peanut butter for your overnight oats jar?



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5 responses to “Baton Rouge Bound

  1. Amber

    How’d you make your oats again? I’ve become addicted to steel cut oats!

    Have fun!!!

    • I have linked to it on that page but I just put 1/3 cup old fashioned oats in a jar with 2/3 cup almond milk and some chia seeds. Put in fridge overnight and add fruit, sweetner, ect!!

  2. Have an awesomeee & fun weekend!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Oh and I think if I had to choose, it’d be from a peanut butter jar. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that you flipped a coin. You’re to funny!

    **Oh I posted your circuit on my page today too**

  3. Definitely would have picked the PB! 🙂

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