Picking Paint Colors

Who knew finding the right paint colors could be such a daunting task?! Well, I did actually which is why it has taken me so long to become motivated to do it! $25 and 7 paint samples later I think we have finally found our matches!!

Since moving into our house 1.5 years ago, Lance and I have been talking about how the house needs some paint on the walls to warm it up a bit. Currently, it is the same shade as when we moved in, which is the color the builder had chosen.Β  To get an idea, here are some pictures of the house just before we moved in.

It isn’t bad by any means but it is a bit boring. The hardest part has been finding a color that will contrast with the crown molding and trim (since it is painted a darker beige color) without being too dark. I think we finally found our color:

Belgian Sweet by Behr paints.

Click for Source

We will probably use the same color in our master bedroom along with a blue called Waterscape, on an accent wall to liven it up. I have to thank Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life for that one!! She just painted a wall in her living room the Waterscape color and I fell in love with it immediately!! Hey, copying is the greatest form of flattery right?!!

Take a look, I think it will be beautiful in our bedroom…..

Click for Source

I can’t wait to have official before and after pictures to post for you but I issue a fair warning: It will probably be a while before that happens!! With 2500 sq. feet of walls to paint, this isn’t going to happen in a weekend. I am starting with the kids rooms(painting one purple, one green) and then I will move on to our master after that. I figure I can knock those out in a week or so but the rest of the house….let’s just say I am not putting a timeline on that. It will get done when it gets done!! πŸ˜‰

On another note, Lance mentioned that I should have super cut arms and shoulders after I am done with the process. Who says you can’t get a good upper body workout at home….HA!!


While I was at Target today I came across some Justin’s peanut butter that I keep hearing everyone rave about so I picked up a couple small sample packs to try. I was hoping they would have the vanilla flavor but they did not so I got what they had, the honey and maple flavors. I was glad to have the option to buy these for .99 because the bigger jars were a whopping $10.99. While I love my peanut butter, I am thinking that is a pretty steep price.Β  Anyone agree with me there?

I tried out the honey flavor as a dip for my apple slices and I am rewarding it with two thumbs up!! It was so good in fact, that I tore open the packet so I could lick the inside of it . I have no shame I tell ya, no shame……

I have a feeling the maple flavor won’t last in my house past lunch time today!!!!

Do you enjoy painting or is it something you dread?

Do you prefer neutral or bold colors in your living spaces?

I tend to be drawn to neutrals but am finding that I really adore a pop of color here and there!!



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9 responses to “Picking Paint Colors

  1. i think if lance loves you enough he will hire a painter just like Chris did πŸ™‚

  2. I love that Belgian Sweet color! I am usually more drawn to neutral colors.

    I bought the Justin’s packets the first time I tried them too. I like almond butter but I’m still a peanut butter girl! I need to try the honey flavor!

  3. Amber

    I LOVE painting! In fact when the kids go to school I’d love to start a small painting business! I love both neutral and bold, but I think I’m drawn toward more bold. I love me some deep greens and reds! Whenever I chose nutrual I wish I would have livened it up more!

    • I don’t mind painting but it is hard when you have other responsibilities on top of it. I like to get it there and just knock it out which is why I will paint this weekend when Lance is home and wait to do the rest of the house when the kids are in school!

  4. Cannot wait to see the final product… yes I’m aware that it may be a little while 😦 I’ve neverr tried Justin’s nut butter, but have been wanting to get some. It’s only 8.99 on vitacost if that’s a better price for you!

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