Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about any of my meaningful relationships. No, this one has been a long time coming and is far over due. I have become dependent on this relationship for all the wrong reasons and as hard as it will be to say goodbye, I definitely believe it will be for my benefit.

As of today, I am saying goodbye to my SCALE!!! Breaking up with it will be SO hard to do but I feel it is necessary, at least for the time being. It isn’t necessarily that the scale is always “bad” to me because there are days I get a great weigh in. It is how I react when I see the number , good or bad.

On a low number day, I feel like I celebrate by rewarding myself with bigger food portions or junk foods, sometimes even skipped exercise. If the number is high, I tend to restrict myself and feel guilty if I eat anything “off plan”. This certainly is not beneficial when I am trying to “find the pretty”.

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I want to feel good about myself regardless of what the scale says. I don’t want to be the person who values a number over the healthy choices I make in my life. Some days I may be up in weight because of hormones or water weight and yes, even from eating crappy foods for a few days. It doesn’t make me any less of a valuable person just as weighing in low doesn’t make me a better person.

My goal is to use my clothes and the way I look in the mirror to judge how my body is responding to my eating and exercise habits. I want to make healthy choices because they are healthy, not because the scale says I need to. My goal is to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, and that includes emotional and mental health. At this time in my life, I have established that the scale doesn’t fit into that for me….at least for now.

This isn’t to say I will never weigh again because that would be quite unrealistic. For some people, I feel like the scale can be a great tool for healthy living and weight loss and at times in the past, it has been for me as well. Hopefully, I will get to that point in the future but right now, I want to live life and feel good about myself because of the choices I make, not the number on the scale!!


Does anyone want to join in on this journey with me? If you are obsessed with or put too much emphasis on the scale maybe now would be a good time to take a step back. It could be a for a week, a month or even longer. I haven’t set a time frame for getting back on it but I hope to stay far away for at least a month. I think I will have Lance hide it from me, TONIGHT!!



Dinner last night was fabulous and probably my favorite healthy meal that I make. Coconut Walnut Encrusted Chicken, my tomato and basil quinoa and broccoli with cheese sauce. I normally require a good variety with my meals but I think I could eat this several times per week and not get tired of it!! YUM!!

I don’t think I have ever shared the Coconut Walnut Encrusted Chicken recipe so what better time than right now!!.The original recipe is from my friend Kyra at ,  The Get In Shape Girl. This is only one of her fabulous tasting healthy recipes.

Coconut Walnut Encrusted Chicken

  • 4 chicken breasts, about 4 ounces each
  • 4 ounces crushed walnuts
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes
  • 1 egg(or white)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet or dish with cooking spray.
  • Combine chopped walnuts and coconut in a Ziploc bag or on a plate.
  • Dip chicken into egg wash and then coat in walnut/coconut mixture. Season to liking.
  • Cook in oven 20-30 minutes, or until chicken is done.

* We like to eat our chicken with Frank’s Buffalo or hot sauce on top!!


My mom is in town for a couple days so we are going to head over to the pool with the kids and try to expend some of their energy. They have been crazy energetic since she got here yesterday!!

This evening I am off to another Zumba class and I am excited to give this gym another try. I found out that the lady who instructed last week was actually a sub so fingers crossed that the regular instructor is awesome!!!

Are you addicted to the scale? Have you ever gone a long period without weighing?

How do you judge where you are at physically? Pictures, body fat %, scale or how your clothes fit?

Do you like a wide variety of foods or can you eat the same foods over and over?



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14 responses to “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Amen sista!!!! The scale is pretty pointless. Do you take progress pics? Even if not to share, just for yourself, they’re the best tool in my opinion. Especially if you are like me and you live in workout clothes that always fit no matter what.
    And I made that chicken last night too. Thanks for linking it!

    • I have taken my before pics and plan to take pictures every 30 days or to monitor my progress. And you are right, I live in workout clothes and dresses and they tend to fit just fine even when I am up a few pounds.

  2. Linda Fain

    The only time I weigh is at the doctor’s office when I actually have to get on the scale. I was a slave to the scale for my first three decades of life, and I am so much happier now that it is one less thing I have to worry about. Also, I am much healthier and actually weigh less than I have in years. It’s exactly what you mentioned, except for me it would instantly mean a good attitude or a bad attitude for the entire day depending on whether the number was high or low. You’re going to love your new scale-free life 😉

  3. Kiersten Shelby

    Ahhh! I think I will join in this challenge! Great idea! I am very like you – if the number is down I “treat” myself, etc … This will be hard but really good I think!

  4. Good for you for breaking up with your scale! I think a better way to keep your weight in check in by how your clothes fit.
    I didn’t weigh myself for a really long time, and I ended up gaining a lot of weight. Now I am doing the Biggest Loser program at my gym, so it is necessary for me to weigh myself a few times a week. I think once I get to the weight I want to be at, I will stop weighing myself and let my clothes be the judge!

    • I agree, the way your clothes fit is a very good indication of whether you have gained weight. Right now mine are fitting a bit snug but the scale wasnt helping with my motivation to get it off. I figure while I am trying to get these 5 pounds off, I should be in a happy frame of mind:-)

  5. I haven’t weighed myself in two years. Honestly, who cares?

  6. Great job for tossing the scale. I’m so proud of you girl. I know how hard that can be. You are too beautiful to get down on yourself because of a certain number on the scale anyways 🙂

    I always judge myself on how my clothes fit. If they start getting a bit to tight, uhh houston we havee a problem!

    I’m someone who will eat the same foods day in & day out. For some reason I never get sick of em. However, trying new meals is one of my goals for this month.

  7. You are inspiring! I never used to have a scale, but got one for the first time last year when I was pregnant to keep track of where I was at. It’s crazy how routine it is now for me to check it once a day. The number truly doesn’t matter! The times I’ve felt best in my life have ironically sometimes been when I weighed a bit more! It’s all about how we feel! Now that I’ve lost the baby weight, I should just hide the scale for a while!

  8. I admit–I’m one of those that let’s the scale determine too much for me. This sounds like a great challenge–I’ll do it with you! 🙂

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