Gone Girl and WIAW #9

Oh my goodness, I just started reading a new book and it sucked me in good!!

If you are a reader of Julie’s blog, you know this is the book club selection for the month of August. After seeing her posts on her blog and twitter talking about how she couldn’t put the book down, I was convinced to download it myself. So glad I did!!

Camryn has a two hour cheer camp every night this week so this has given me the perfect opportunity to dive right into this book. I am a little more than halfway through it now and I have a feeling I will finish it before the end of the night. I wish I didn’t devour books so quickly but I just cannot help myself.  I am definitely going to post a review of this one when I finish it up!!


Look what arrived at my doorstep today!!!!!

The wonderful people at Chobani sent me a case of their beyond delicious, Vanilla Chocolate Chunk yogurt after seeing on Twitter that I was dying to try it. Try it I did!!!

My family and I have already managed to get through one container in an evening. We like to call it dessert:-)  I am sure not going to complain when my kids BEG me for yogurt!!


And finally, another installment of



I am not sure what is going on with my appetite but I have not been my normal hungry self this week. Usually, I feel like all I do is think about food. All day, every day. Seriously….I love it and always look forward to my next meal or snack. It hasn’t been that way this week, though. I’m not one to worry about it as I am quite sure it will return with a vengeance!!!


An exceptionally good egg sandwich served on a sweet wheat Alternative Bagel and topped with a thin slice of cheese and some grape jelly. Wheaties….no way, THIS is the breakfast of champions!!!

Apparently I couldn’t be bothered for a morning snack so I skipped right to lunch.


I didn’t eat lunch until 1pm and even then I wasn’t starving(nothing sounded good) so I just made up a basic little sandwich. Bread, turkey, cheese and pickles……nothing fancy. That didn’t matter too much because I managed to finish every last bite with no complaints;-)

I might not have been hungry when I started eating but my tummy changed it’s mind halfway through lunch. After my sandwich I was still wanting something a little more so I whipped up a mini-sized smoothie. Almond milk, blueberries, 1/2 banana, frozen spinach and 1/2 serving chocolate protein powder.

Late afternoon snack

You didn’t think I could NOT open up my Chobani delivery just as soon as it came in did ya? Nope, I am NOT a patient person. I dug right into that Vanilla Chocolate Chunk yogurt and used it as a dip for my Jazz apple. What a combination!!! Sadly, I only got to eat about half of it because my kids kept asking for me to share.

Because of my daughter’s cheer camp schedule, I am having to make dinner super early this week. When I say early, we are eating by about 5pm. We normally eat around 6pm so it isn’t too off schedule but I am going to have to re-arrange my afternoon snack time to accommodate it. I made an awesome dinner and I wasn’t hungry enough(at 5pm) to enjoy much of it. I filled a teensy little dessert plate and that was more than enough to fill me up.

See what I mean. Pulled pork usually = second helpings, please!!! Appetite…..where have you gone?! The funny thing is, most of you are probably thinking this is a plenty of food (and it is) BUT I am usually left wanting more. Is my mind finally getting into the ” You can have it all, just not all at once” mentality?

As always, I have to thank Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting another week of What I Ate Wednesday!!!

Do you like to read books quickly or just a few chapters at a time?

Do you eat dinner early or later in the evening?

What is your favorite “healthy” sweet treat?



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12 responses to “Gone Girl and WIAW #9

  1. Chobani Love

    So glad you’re loving VCC! It’s the perfect size for sharing…or not. 😉 And great idea about using it as apple dip. Making a mental note of that one!


  2. I want to first start of by saying i’m completely and utterly jealous of your huge shipment of chobani you ordered. Secondly, all of your meals look delicous with an exception of that sandwich. I know they say don’t knock it until you try it ((or something like that lol)), but a pickle??? I’m not too sure about that one lol

  3. I’m usually ready for dinner at 5:30 pm–but I also get up really early (4:00 am during the work week), so that’s probably why!

  4. I just finished Gone Girl. I can’t wait to hear what you thought about it! It was craaazzzyy!

    Where do you buy alternative bagels? I can’t seem to find them.

  5. Wow that yogurt looks AMAZING!!!! The book sounds fab, I also speed read through great books and the not so great ones seem to go on forever.

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