Lunch Date

Yesterday was the last day of  Summer camp for my kids so I took advantage and met a good looking guy for a lunch date!

Don’t worry, it was just my handsome husband!!

We don’t normally get the chance to meet for lunch due to his busy schedule and the fact that he works about 40 minutes away from our house. Yesterday however, he had a little downtime and was able to meet me in the middle so it worked out well.

When trying to decide where to go, there was little hesitation or indecisiveness as we both knew what we wanted. On our last lunch date we enjoyed the food so much that we decided to go for a repeat!

I ordered a trio plate of bulgur and berries, a house wedge and a grilled portabella. It was really good but I have to say, I preferred the taste of my homemade portabellas better. The ones they served could have used a little more time to marinate to pick up some added flavor.



Workout Decisions

I may not have been indecisive about my lunch choice yesterday but I cannot say the same for my workouts. Actually, I have been debating my fitness choices for a week or so now. As you know, I have been doing the Chalean Extreme DVD series and while I like it, I am not sure it is something I will follow through with until the end. The first couple of weeks were great but it has become very repetitive and that is something I have a hard time with in my workouts.(Now I remember why, I didn’t complete it the first time) I  like them to constantly be changing so that I do not get bored. If I get bored with a workout, I simply won’t do it. I am bad that way!

Not working out is not an option for me(my sanity says so, lol) but I feel like I need to put a plan in place very soon. This Summer has been kind of fly by my pants with exercise because of my kids being out of school and my schedule being off. While that was fine for a little while I am really starting to crave structure and I am starting to miss the gym as well. Home workouts are fine by me most of the time but there is something about being surrounded by like-minded people that is very motivating.

So here are a couple options I am looking at:

  • My friend Kyra, at The Get in Shape Girl is also a personal/virtual trainer and has put together a 12 week boot camp in an e-book that I have been interested in for a while now. I have seen the before and after pictures of the people who have completed it and they all look fabulous. Serious changes were made!! I have also used Kyra’s services in the past and I was whipped into awesome shape. The girl knows her workouts, that is for sure!!
  •  The other option is to just head back to the gym and get re-involved in some group exercise classes. I truly love Body Pump and felt like I was getting nice results when I was going a couple times per week. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that classes limit me to going to the gym at a certain time and due to appointments, kids schedules, ect it doesn’t always work out. The last thing I want is an excuse to not do something.

So, there is my dilemma.  I am not sure what I am going to do at this point but come August 27th when my daughter goes back to school I will have made a decision and put a plan into place!!!



While I was standing in the check-out line at Walgreens today I spotted this pack of M&M’s. The last week or so I have found myself getting excited for the upcoming Fall season so these fit right in line with that!

I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of candy corn and M&M’ so these have caught my interest! I didn’t but them today but I think I will have to grab a bag soon!!


Do you get bored with workouts easily?

Do you prefer weight lifting classes, circuits or working with weights on your own?

Are you a candy corn fan?



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8 responses to “Lunch Date

  1. OMG Candy corn m&m’s!!!! Evil, I better not even explore them!!! LOL Join me in the 12 Week Bikini Workout!!!!!:)

  2. omg–the M&M’s and candy corn is craziness! I don’t know if you caught my post the other day–my friends threw a bag of candy corn at me in the middle of giving my first health/wellness seminar, with a challenge to come up with “healthy” recipe using them for next time. lol. They know candy corn is one of my splurges, so they had fun with it.

  3. Hey Suzanne, I think you should do the bikini plan. It really is awesome. I look forward to my workouts and I saw really nice results. I have a problem with group exercise due to scheduling. I like to go when I want to go and leave when I want to leave. I hate being stuck in class!! almost like a closet!!! lol… OMG please come up with a candy corn healthy treat. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  4. Ha Ha, seeing all those candy corn m&ms makes me laugh. Last halloween I spent DAYS looking for them. I sent my husband on a poor m&m hunt to track those suckers down. I swear I called at least 10 different stores to find them. They are crazy good right? Thankfully they were just sweet enough where I coudl only eat a couple @ once and not indulge in the whole bag right away! I have a feeling I wont’ be finding them out here in Kuwait haha.

    So happy you and your hubby were able to get away for a lunch date today 🙂 Your dish looks delicous btw!

  5. I would love to follow your progress if you did the bikini plan!

  6. I always get bored with workouts….I rarely finish anything, even the 30 day shred! LOL Usually after a week I’m ready to move on. I love Kyra’s workouts too. She can really kick your butt. I did, however splurge and joined a 6 week bootcamp at the gym. Its 3-4 x a week. However I have the same problem about schedules. Mine is more so trying to find a babysitter for the baby so I don’t always get to go to the class. 😦

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