Frozen Food Fail

Hooray for Friday!!! Are you as happy to see it as I am?

My day is going to be filled with cheer practice for my daughter, except this time I am going to be the coach!  Lord help us both!!!!

Last night I noticed she hasn’t been able to pick up the cheers and jumps as quickly as the other kids. She ended up crying about it (poor girl!!) so I told her I would help her today.  Goodness knows how this will go because I am just as uncoordinated as she is and not the most patient,either. My biggest goal is to make sure she feels comfortable and confident performing in front of all the parents and friends tonight. I don’t care if she perfects the moves as much as I want her to go out there with pride knowing she tried her hardest. I just have to remember this as I am working with her because I do tend to have a perfectionist personality and I don’t want to come across as being too hard on her. I mean, she is only seven!!

Wish me luck!!!


Speaking of last night, let’s talk about last night’s dinner. Let’s just go ahead and call it what it was. A BIG FAIL!!!

Earlier in the day I made an emergency grocery run for milk and bread and ended up getting a couple extra items. I had decided to take the night off from cooking and do grab and go type food instead. I bought myself a veggie souffle from the frozen aisle in the grocery store thinking it looked tasty AND healthy.

I have never been so wrong. It may have been healthy but it sure wasn’t tasty. Also, I had to cook it for almost 1.5 minutes longer than suggested because the middle was still pretty cold. That resulted in a rubbery edge and me stuffing my face with some pretzel crisps as I waited for it to finish cooking.

I love the Buffalo Wing flavor of the Pretzel Crisps but this Jalapeno Jack may be my new favorite. It is extra spicy which I love!!!

I even tried to salvage the souffle with some ketchup but I couldn’t stomach it. The taste was odd and the texture was mushy which I cannot handle. As much as I hate to waste food, this frozen meal ended up in the trash. Frozen food fail!!!

I ended up with a less healthy but much better tasting meal of pb&j on a sweet wheat alternative bagel!!



I am in the mood for a little Jillian Michael’s today so now I just have to decide which video I want to torture myself with!

I could use a good mix of cardio and strength so it will be between

  • 30 Day Shred
  • Ripped in 30

I think I am leaning towards Ripped in 30. I love me some Shred but the exercises are a bit more basic than Ripped in 30. I like how she incorporates slightly more complicated moves in that one. Yep, it is decided….Ripped in 30, a few minutes of jumping rope and cheer practice on the exercise agenda today.

GO TEAM!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Were you ever a cheerleader growing up? Any tips I can give my daughter?

Do you throw away food you don’t like or do you eat it regardless?



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9 responses to “Frozen Food Fail

  1. Your daughter is so cute! I did pom poms when I was younger but I have no advice because I was horrible! I have no coordination and still don’t today.
    I had a frozen foo fail yesterday too. I bought frozen applewood smokes salmon and it was horrible! I made eggs instead!

    • My daughter is cute but that isn’t her in the picture, lol!

      Eggs are always a good back up plan!! I would have made them last night but I was too lazy to dirty up and wash the skillet.

  2. I will do almost anything to not have to throw food away–I always feel so bad. But, truth be told, if it’s THAT awful, it’s not worth it.

    • It was pretty awful and I knew I would want something else afterwards because it didn’t satisfy my need for tasty food. If I had forced it down, I would have just eaten something else afterwards and I hate wasting calories as much as I hate wasting food:-)

  3. I really love pretzel crisps too! I can buy them though, because I have no willpower when it comes to that big bag! Good luck with Jillian! I have her 30 day shred. Very intense, so I don’t do it too often. I was not a cheerleader, but I so wanted to. Perhaps some fun dance DVDs would be good to help her work on coordination. I never did anything like dance/cheering when I was younger, and I definitely think that affected my body coordination and of course my dance skills! Best of luck to her!

  4. I’ve never been a frozen food person! Fresh all the way 🙂

  5. I was a cheerleader from 5th grade to 11th 😀 Good for you for working with your daughter because sometimes you just need someone to run through the cheese 🙂

  6. I was a cheerleader for 14 years. You are such a sweet mom for sticking by her side & helping out. Just keep reassuring her that she’s amazing & will figure it all out in no time :).

    Oh i’ve had some frozen food fails. Aren’t they the worse? Especially the ones that you get excited about!!

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