Flexitarian Diet and WIAW #10

Here we are again….another Wednesday(halfway through the week, my friends) and another What I ate Wednesday Post!!!

Breakfast: Steel cut oats!!! How had I never tried these before? They do require a good bit of cooking time(20 minutes or so) but let me tell ya, these were worth the wait! I think I will batch cook some of these every Sunday night to eat on for a few days. I love all oatmeal but the texture of steel cut oats beats out old-fashioned ANY day!!!

Lunch: It was rainy and somewhat cool yesterday(80 degrees!!!) which is totally unheard of in August. I was giddy over the weather because as much as I have enjoyed Summer, I am getting a bit tired of not being able to get outside much due to the heat. I am ready for Fall. One of my favorite Fall foods in a classic grilled cheese sandwich. I prefer them dipped in tomato soup but since I didn’t have any I paired it with a salad instead. It was GOOD!!!

Afternoon Snack: A piece of apple pie. Ohhhhhhh wait, I mean this organic Pure bar that tasted just like apple pie. It was super delicious and the walnuts in it made it a very satisfying snack.

*** Confession** There were also quite a few sour cream and onion chips consumed about 1.5 hours after the bar. I was too embarrassed(but mostly just lazy) to document it with a picture. I have to blame that slip up on my lack of sleep last night. Liam had a bed wetting accident last night so I was up at 3am changing sheets and his clothes and could not  fall back asleep afterwards.  Since I went to bed at 11pm that left me with a measly four hours of sleep. When I am tired, I eat. 😦

Dinner: While I have made “Man Pleasing Chicken” a couple of times, last night it didn’t turn out all that great. I blame it on the cheap chicken I bought at the store last week. I usually splurge on my meat(and will do so for now on) but I figured I could save a few bucks on the “value pack” of chicken at the store. I don’t know if I am just a chicken snob but the texture and taste just wasn’t doing it for any of us. We ended up giving the leftovers to our dog.



Speaking of poultry, or all meat for that matter, I think I am going to consider going back to a few meatless meals a week. I tend to go through these phases where meat is just not appealing to me. I kind of think I might be in one of those phases right now.

As it is, my seven year old daughter almost refuses to touch meat. She claims to be a vegetarian though she really doesn’t get the true concept of it. Her reasoning of course, is because she likes animals and wants them as pets, not as food. I totally respect that and never force her to eat meat when it is served.

My husband has always been a big meat eater but over the last couple months he has been experimenting with vegan/vegetarian lunches thanks to a co-worker who chose that lifestyle recently. Whereas I used to feel the need to cook meat for him, I know he would totally be up for a few meatless meals per week. That makes the process much easier, knowing I don’t have to worry about pleasing multiple people with several different dishes at mealtime.

I have said before that I don’t have the desire to lead a total vegetarian lifestyle(at least not yet) but I do love the idea of being a “Flexitarian.”. You get the health benefits of consuming more of a plant based diet while not having to be super restrictive if/when you do decide to eat meat. I definitely think that is much more attainable for my family!!

Do you try to incorporate meatless meals into your diet?

Do you tend to eat more when you are tired?



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14 responses to “Flexitarian Diet and WIAW #10

  1. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by a few indulgent snacks!!! We all do it! πŸ™‚

    I do eat meatless meals sporadically throughout the week. In fact, yesterday turned out to be a completely vegetarian day–no on purpose, just happened. But I will sometimes purposefully plan a lunch that’s vegetarian if I know for sure dinner will have meat. I have found that I like the balance. At one point I was eating mostly vegetarian, but I started not feeling well. Once I brought more seafood/poultry/meat back into my diet, I was feeling better. So–yeah–the balance is what works best for me. πŸ™‚

  2. No need to feel embarrassed that you ate a ridiculous amount in a short time.. I do it., heck everyone does it! πŸ™‚

    I totally agree with you on “cheap” chicken tasting different then more expensive breasts.

  3. Girl, Ive had days where my “snack” is two pop tarts:/ Having those days, and add being tired, I tend to buys things I normally would not. But, we should also enjoy eating so every so often having a not so healthy snack is good:) Or thats what I tell myself;)

    I agree with you on the chicken/meats…its not the place to go cheap if you can afford it. I do LOVE my meat, but I also love a good dinner of veggies and whipping up some cornbread…good southern meal:)

    • Splurges are definitely a necessary part of life but I knew I was only eating them because I was tired and didn’t enjoy them to the fullest. It was emotional eating at it’s finest, lol!

      Cornbread….Yum!!! Definitely a staple in Southern diets!!

  4. Just found your blog and love it! πŸ™‚
    I’ve never seen Pure Bars before, how are the nutritional stats? It looks yummy!

  5. Never apologize for what you eat!! And if you were hungry and inhaled them, well you were hungry!

    I know people are so quick to judge on “healthy living blogs” but please, what’s life with out a little joy and let’s be honest. food (even “bad” foods) bring joy.

    Life is to short to apologize about what we eat. Live your life the way YOU want to.

    • I think I should have used a different word than “embarrassed”. I wasn’t so much as embarrassed about what I ate(I eat EVRYTHING) but the way in which I inhaled it was a bit over the top.

      I certainly have NO problem sharing my food choices, good or bad and I hope to keep it that way. I agree with you in that I think sometimes, healthy living bloggers are afraid to show their indulgences or binges even but that is part of life. I live far from a perfect life but I do strive to make it a healthy one πŸ™‚

  6. I have to look for those Pure bars – they look yummy!
    I eat when I tired, awake, happy, sad, bored, alive, etc. I just love food! But in moderation!

  7. I ❀ mac and cheese πŸ™‚ And steel cut oats!

  8. I eat more when I’m tired or a little overwhelmed by what I have to do. Sort of an avoidance thing I think. I do try to go meatless most days (or just have eggs or fish for a source of protein). We have chicken maybe once or twice a week and red meat rarely.

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