Mesh Wreaths

Gooood Morning!!! πŸ™‚ It looks like I may be one of those annoyingly cheerful people this morning.

How can I not be when I get to announce the winner of the Chobani giveway?! That is exciting stuff!!! However, I am going to make you wait a bit because I want to show you what I was up to last night, first.

Have you seen the mesh wreaths that have become incredibly popular recently? They are all over Pinterest, Etsy and the doors of neighbors. I love the look of them but they are pretty pricey to buy and I figured making them would be WAY above my lack of crafty skills. However, after watching quite a few tutorials on You Tube I decided that maybe I could figure it out after all.

I took the kids and my 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon and stocked up on wreath making supplies. I was able to get two rolls of mesh, ribbon, a wreath form, floral wire and some decorative pieces for $23.00 dollars. If you look at the prices of these wreaths you will see that is CHEAP!

My wreath may not be perfect but I have to say, I am pretty proud of it and cannot wait to display it on my front door come Fall. Actually, I am NOT waiting that long……the day after Labor Day, this baby will be up for all to see!! πŸ™‚

Since Hobby Lobby was right next door to PetSmart, I gave into the pleas of my children to go look at the animals they have up for adoption. I have to be honest, I adore animals but I hate seeing them homeless because it breaks my heart. I always feel bad looking at the animals who need adopting, knowing we aren’t in a place to bring one home right now.

I have definitely made the decision that when we do get another dog, we will be adopting from a shelter rather than paying insane amounts of money for a little puppy. While I love my AKC registered Boston and have NO regrets about bringing him home as a puppy I feel like the right decision for us is to rescue a slightly older dog in need of a home.

This little guy stole my heart and I was so very sad to leave him behind. He was a 6 month old, Pit Bull Mix but the sweetest little thing. Every time we walked away, he would bark and paw at his cage to make us come back. Awwwwwwww!!!!



fitfullfun: I’m going to try this with my plain chobani that I already have plus blueberries. Wonder if I could just add some lemon juice…. Sounds delish!

Congrats!! Send me an email at with your address so that I can get Chobani your info ASAP!!

Are you a crafty person?

Have you adopted an animal from a shelter or rescue center?



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8 responses to “Mesh Wreaths

  1. I wish I were more crafty . . . but alas, I am not. Cute wreath!

  2. I like to think I am crafty, but you definitely are!:) The wreath looks amazing! And I am with you, slap that baby up asap;) That picture of the pit bull just breaks my heart. We also have a boston and a lab! A few weeks ago a puppy showed up on my doorstep and we weren’t able to keep him. I had to take him to the animal shelter (he did get adopted) and I literally walked out crying. I can’t go in those places:( Its just awful! But, yay for a cheery day;)

  3. You’re allowed to be extra cheerful tomorrow because it’s Friday πŸ™‚

  4. Our little fur child was adopted from a rescue program, but it wasn’t a shelter. It was actually a couple that did it out of their home. Best decision! He is the sweetest cuddle buddy ever!

  5. Love the wreath. I used to be so crafty, not sure what’s happened over the years haha.

  6. I’m actually looking into adopting a dog! I just have to find the right one πŸ™‚

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