16 responses to “Back to School

  1. Good for you on taking a break! I agree completely. I don’t blog on the weekends for sure, and there are some days where other things are more important. I can’t even think about my boys going to school. Wyatt will be 4 in October and I get teary even talking about pre-k:/ Yay for joining a gym. I have been wanting to for some time, but we live in a really small town so I don’t have that option. Maybe next time we move:) I always looked forward to who I would sit by in school. My hubby is gone this week, which means no running buddy..may have to do some yoga at home:)

  2. i love Cam in her cute little skirt and t-shirt outfits!

  3. Good for you for stepping away from technology. I think it’s wonderful that you chose to spend more quality time with your family <3. Can I just tell you that your little girl is PRECIOUS! I hope she has a wonderful 1st day of school today. How exciting for her πŸ™‚

  4. Your kids are so cute! I love first day of school pictures. Those were the days. πŸ™‚

    Got my workout in bright and early (well, not bright, but definitely early). Run through the neighborhood followed by back and bi’s at the gym. πŸ™‚

  5. Your daughter is so cute! I hope she has a great first day!
    Yay for a new gym – it’s nice that it’s so close!

  6. I hope she had a great first day!

    I agree that you need to step back from social media every once and awhile. I took a month long blog break and LOVED it.

  7. I’m a teacher, so today was the first day back from summer break. Kids come the day after Labor Day. Favorite thing about the first day of school is the fabulous, new school supplies!

    My work-out for today was a dog walk and yoga DVD. Tomorrow will be more intense with a weights and cardio workout.

    • Enjoy your last few days before the kiddos come back to school! Do you workout in the mornings or evenings?

      • I have to do evenings for the gym, but I think I’m going to try to squeeze in my yoga on my active rest days early in the morning. We are an early start elem. school, so it’s tough to do anything in the AM.

      • I do late afternoon. I try to get it in as soon as I get off. We are an early start school, so I can get to gym by 3:15ish if I hustle. Tomorrow is active rest day, so I’m going to *try* to get my yoga DVD done before school. We’ll see since this requires extremely early rising and shining!

  8. I agree that sometimes it is really nice just to step back from the computer and enjoy life πŸ™‚
    Love the first day of pictures!!

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