Remember yesterday how I said I couldn’t wait to be sore after getting back in the gym and hitting the heavy weights? I think I may have to take back that statement!!

True, my aching body is letting me know that I got in a good workout but I don’t know how much I am enjoying it. This is the kind of sore where it hurts to put on a shirt, get off the toilet or even type up a blog post. OUCH!!! As much as I have been looking forward to a Zumba class tonight, a couple mile walk around the neighborhood may be in order instead. I think my poor legs are going to need a day to rest.

What can I say, I was hoping to feel the burn and this workout certainly did it for me!!


In other news, I made a rash decision to color my hair yesterday. With box color. I know a lot of people use over the counter hair color and I have done it before as well with mixed results. Once I went WAY too dark and the color totally washed me out(a quick trip to the salon fixed that) but I have had successes with it as well. Yesterday when I went to the store I picked the SAME color I have used before, the one that previously turned out really well.

Somehow, the results weren’t quite the same this time. Granted, I had some blonde highlights in my hair from attempting to do an Ombre style earlier this year but that was a good 6 months ago. Well, apparently the blonde highlights weren’t fond of the box color because they turned red instead of the brown I was expecting.Β  It isn’t awful, at least in pictures but itΒ  definitely isn’t my favorite color.

I tried to get a picture in the best light possible so that you could see the reddish tone but I am not sure I was able to capture it very well. Oh well, it isn’t anything a couple months of fading won’t take care of. After all, it is only hair!! However, I think I have learned my lesson and will stick with letting my hair lady take care of me from now on!! πŸ™‚


For anyone in the Gulf Coast area, be sure to stay safe and take precautions for Hurricane Isaac. My best friend in Baton Rouge may be getting the brunt of it, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does not cause too much damage. Mother Nature can be quite the “B” sometimes!!! πŸ˜‰

Have you ever had a hair fail? Did you live with it or have it fixed as quickly as you could?



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4 responses to “Ouch!!

  1. I think your hair looks great! I’ve also learned my lesson with using a box and only go to a hair salon now – i just wish it wasn’t so expensive!
    That 8 incline on your workout looks killer – I’ll have to try it πŸ™‚

  2. My last hair fail was getting it at the mall because it was a Sunday and all of the salons were closed. I haven’t done that since. I’ll stick with my $30 mens haircuts πŸ™‚

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