Shop til ya Drop

It’s Monday Fun-day!!! I love extra long weekends but then again, who doesn’t!!

The house is clean and errands have been done so I think we may hit up the pool for some rest and relaxation(oh wait, I have two kids….rest isn’t going to happen!). With school having started and Labor Day almost behind us, I doubt we will have many more chances to soak up the sun and splash around in the water. Not that I am complaining, I definitely have Fall-itis!!!


My town had their first ever Food Truck Rally on Saturday and I was looking forward to it all day. Around 5:30 we headed out to the food truck location, excited to get our eatin’ on!! When we got there we noticed right away that it was quite packed. Good for business, bad for us. It was HOT, over 100 degrees and the trucks were parked on a paved parking lot. Ugh. After walking around for 10 minutes, seeing the size of the slow moving lines and listening to our kids complain about how hot they were, we made a quick change of plans.

We weren’t overly picky about what we wanted to eat, somewhere with air conditioning would do just fine!! We decided on BBQ.

I went with the smoked turkey salad.

The turkey itself was very good but I was left a bit disappointed with this meal. The salad was $8.00 and it was basically nothing more than turkey on a bed of romaine with a couple sliced tomatoes. I added the pickles for a little extra flavor and at the recommendation of Heather at Run Eat Play.

Lance’s meal looked quite a bit tastier than mine but it didn’t blow him away either.

He got a smoked turkey sandwich, green beans and scalloped potatoes. While this meal certainly wasn’t awful, I am not sure we will return to this local establishment any time soon.

The one good thing they did have going for them: Homemade ice cream!!!!! I don’t think it is possible to mess that up!!


As I have said before, I have a pretty wonderful husband!! To prove it, he didn’t mind a bit when I took off for 4.5 hours on Sunday to indulge myself in a bit of shopping. Not only that but he also cleaned the house and steam cleaned the carpets while I was away. He makes my life so sweet, most of the time anyway :-)!! Actually, maybe it makes his life more sweet ;-)!!!

Since Labor Day is almost behind us and Fall is fast approaching, I decided it was time to add some items to my Fall wardrobe.  I managed to come home with a couple Summer items as well but only because the deals were just to good to pass up!!

My first stop was Loft. My main purpose for going there was to try on their colored skinny jeans. I want some in a BIG way but the ones I have tried so far just haven’t thrilled me. I am a fairly petite girl but I also have curves so it seems like skinny jeans can be hard to find. If they fit in the hips and legs, they are always too big in the waist. Annoying!!

These at Loft(curvy fit) are just skinny enough without being skin tight which is what I have been looking for. Sadly, I did not purchase these today because they were full price and I know they will be on sale next week. The sales lady told me so ;-)!! Guess what store I will be hitting up next weekend!!!

However, I did not leave empty handed!! I got a short sleeved striped sweater for $25 and a super cute pink sundress for……wait for it…….

$10!!!! That might be the best deal of my lifetime!!! On the Loft website, this dress is still $45 so I don’t know how I got so lucky!!

Next up, I made a quick stop by Target to see if they had anything that struck my interest. Bingo!! Those shorts in the above picture(with my Loft Sweater), $14 on the clearance rack!

Last but not least, I stopped by the mall. At this point, it was pretty late in the afternoon, I hadn’t eaten lunch and I was losing my desire to shop. I decided to pop in to a couple stores and then be on my way. Old Navy was first. This store is very hit or miss for me. I tried on about 12 different items and only left with one but I was incredibly happy with that one item!

I plan to pair this with a pair of brown boots and a yellow statement necklace. If you know where I can find a cute one, I would be forever grateful if you shared. 🙂

When I was younger NY & Company used to be one of my fave stores but over the last 5 years, I can’t say I have done much shopping there. Today however, they had a 40% off sale on everything in the store so I couldn’t help but check it out. Good thing I did because I found a super cute top that will be a great wardrobe staple this Fall.

I picture this half way tucked into a pair of dark jeans or colored skinny’s with a pair of black heels. So cute!!!!

Well, there you have it….that concludes my fashion show for the day!!

Workin’ Out

Over the weekend, I did some thinking about my fitness goals and what I felt I could improve on while not becoming obsessed with my workouts. While I want to be fit and healthy(which I am) I do not want to be consumed with my workout schedule. Been there, done that and it is not something I want to ever do again!!! We all have different goals but when I see someone living and breathing the gym, I can’t help but think UN-healthy. It isn’t good to put your body through torture for hours on end every day and it certainly isn’t good mentally, to constantly focus on your physical form like that. Just sayin’!!

Here are the weekly workout goals that I have come up with for myself:

  • 3 solid weight workouts per week(circuit style so that I get the benefit of cardio as well)
  • 2 additional cardio sessions per week. This may include running, walking, Zumba, home workout video, cardio machine, ect

Again, these are just GOALS. If I can get all 5 days in, awesome!!! If I only manage 3-4, that is okay, too. I truly believe that consistency and putting forth full effort into your workouts is what makes a difference(and DIET but we will save that for another day)!

Alright, time to get working toward my first goal. Circuit routine… I come!!

How are you spending your Labor Day?

Have you given into the colored jean trend? If so, what is your favorite color so far?

Do you make fitness goals or do you just workout when you can without a set schedule?



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10 responses to “Shop til ya Drop

  1. Gee, sorry about your turkey salad. I would’ve been a bit disappointed if that’s all you were served for $8.00.. bummer!!

    However, you sure do got yourself a great hubby! How sweet of him for everything he did while you were out (which all your new clothes are adorable!).

  2. Oh girl you got some cute stuff and great deals! My husband also indulged me yesterday after church-he shopped with me for about 3 hours, but then he was done;) As were my boys…so that meant no Old Navy, and clearly i missed out:( I will definitely have to head there this week! I also hate when you get food that you aren’t pleased with;/ Boo! I always look forward to your posts!:) Happy Monday!

  3. yay! I love pickles on salads! I’ve been hearing lots about food trucks lately – that’s so fun that you got to go to a food truck rally!
    Great deal on that dress and its so cute!!

  4. I spent my day relaxing and riding jet skis!

  5. love that dress – super cute! next time I see the bubble necklace for 1/2 price online i’ll email you the link.

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  7. So glad you posted that dress! Can’t wait for fall so I can wear mine woot woot! Matt is not a fan of colored skinny jeans but that’s ok, I still want a pair! Royal blue, purple, maybe even red! As for your fitness question: I thrive on my heavy workouts, and I need them to be consistent. I don’t do well without a schedule! P.S. that was a sad little salad but I like the pickle idea!!

    • He isn’t a fan of them because he hasn’t seen you IN them. Once he sees how hot you are he will quickly change his mind. Besides, you know we don’t dress for men, we dress for fashion!!!

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