Fall Wish List

Hey y’all!! I hope everyone had a really nice Labor Day!! It was pretty relaxed around my house. We did end up going to my friend Brandi’s house for a couple hours for some swim time and hanging out. Before that, I hit the gym to try out a new circuit I put together. Let’s just say it was a good one and left my whooped the rest of the day. I can definitely tell I had not been putting full effort into my workouts the last month or so. Oops!!

Before heading to the gym I tried a new to me breakfast…..peanut butter and banana quesadilla. Oh my, it was so DELICIOUS I may have to eat another one today!!

After letting my breakfast settle I headed to the gym to get my workout on!

This is a great circuit for a home or gym workout. Just make sure you lift as heavy as you can with proper form!!

Dinner was pretty darn good up in my house last night! We may not have had an official Labor Day BBQ but we did fire up the grill. Teriyaki Chicken, honey roasted corn(from the frozen section) and green beans made my belly happy.

Last week I found out that my son will be in class with a child that has a peanut allergy. Darn…..no more PB & J’s which was his staple sandwich for school days.Β  This has forced me to get creative and come up with some other lunch options instead. Good thing I remembered the blueberry oat muffins that I made a couple weeks ago. My kids devoured them within days and the best part, they were super healthy!! I made some changes from the original recipe this time and I think they came out even better!!

This time I used the following variations:

  • vanilla yogurt instead of lemon
  • coconut oil instead of canola
  • I also added half a very ripe banana for extra moistness

I will add some fruit, yogurt and carrot sticks and my kids will have a nice balanced meal that is anything but boring!!



Now that Labor Day is officially behind us, I feel like I can really start focusing on all things Fall. That means I finally get to hang my mesh wreath, buy pumpkin flavored coffee and make my Fall clothing wish list!!

Sunday I did a bit of shopping but that only touched on what I want to add to my wardrobe for the Fall season. Being that it doesn’t start to cool off here for another 6 weeks or so I will have plenty of time to shop and gather up these pieces. Let’s hope they aren’t too hard to find!
Colored Skinny Jeans

Click for Source

Ankle Booties

Click for Source

Yellow Statement Necklace

Click for source

Plaid Button Down Shirt

click for source

Boyfriend Cardigan

click for source

What is your very favorite weight training exercise?

What is on your Fall wardrobe wish list?

What do you most look forward to in the Fall?



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11 responses to “Fall Wish List

  1. The booties are adorable! I love scarves–they can add so much to an outfit without too much effort. πŸ™‚

  2. Ok YUM on the quesadilla!! My husband is on a fast and this would be a great idea for him! I am so ready for Fall…I love coffees, decorations, pumpkin patches, candles, fall food, etc. I also have that boyfriend cardigan and I wear it all the time!:) You should pop over to my blog today and read up on “Turn The Page Tuesday!” I just started this link up party and think it will be pretty fun:) Happy tuesday!

  3. I love that yellow necklace on your wish list! I’m really wanting a dark, jewel-toned dress to wear to some special events. I’d also love a cross-body bag. I have no idea where I would wear this to since I usually take about 50 million things everywhere I go but a girl can dream right?!? My favorite weight machine is the lat pull down. I can really tell the progress I’ve made with this machine. I’m so looking forward to cooler temps, not cold but cool!

  4. Aren’t those breakfast quesidillas amazing? They are the perfect snack when your craving something sweet too :).

    Loving the boyfriend cardigan, and the yellow necklace. Some fall clothing staples I love are high boots & scarves!

  5. My fave weight training exercise are squats. Butt to the curb heavy squats! Followed by my second fave deadlifts! Let’s see for Fall I have not thought about clothes yet…I better get Pinning! πŸ™‚ I look forward to EVERYTHING about fall! Bring it on! I MUST try those muffins sounds yummy!

  6. Stephenie

    It IS the exact same necklace! That’s too funny. Can’t beat that price then. πŸ™‚

  7. Cat

    The bubble necklace is only $16 with free shipping at http://www.bellab.com/fboffer Must use promo code: FBDEAL

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