My Fall Bucket List

I don’t know about you but I just can’t stop thinking about Fall!

Maybe it is because of the loonnnggg Summer we have had(and are still having), maybe it’s because it is my favorite season of the year or MAYBE it is because I keep hearing everyone talk about all things pumpkin(latte’s especially)!! I have also seen quite a few Fall bucket item lists and loved the idea. In fact I love it so much that I decided to make one of my own!!!

Suzanne’s 2012 Fall Bucket List

  • Visit a pumpkin patch

    My little guy’s very first visit to a pumpkin patch. It is a yearly tradition!

  • Make homemade apple sauce
  • Carve a pumpkin

    My husband carved this by making his own template. Pretty good if I say so myself!

  • Play in the leaves with my kids
  • Make a pumpkin pie
  • Drink a pumpkin beer
  • Make a homemade pumpkin latte
  • “Boo” a neighbor

    click for source

  • Trick or Treat with my kids
  • Try candy corn M&M’s
  • Make homemade caramel apple bites that I found on Pinterest

    Click for Source


You can get really creative with your Fall bucket list with some of the cute templates out there that allow you to edit your list to fit your specific ideas and goals. I like this one that I found on Design Finch because it is cute but simple! Once you edit it, you can print it out and place it in an 8×10 frame or binder and start checking off as you complete each item! So much fun, don’t ya think?!!


Workin’ Out

Yesterday’s workout

  • 25 minutes of incline walking on treadmill
  • 3 supersets x 30 reps of
  1. Deadlifts
  2. reverse incline dumbbell rows

* This is from a workout called 5 factor fitness which I am going to share more about tomorrow!


What is on your Fall bucket list?



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10 responses to “My Fall Bucket List

  1. Great fall bucket list. I just say the candy corn M&Ms at the store the other day! My fall bucket list includes: apple picking! running outside in the fall weather, pumpkin farm, making healthy pumpkin pancakes, carving pumpkins, and Halloween parties!

  2. I really want to go apple picking. I’ve never done it! Otherwise, I hope fall is full of making lots of pumpkin bread and chili. 🙂

  3. Fall bucket list = road trip to an Alabama game!

  4. Well, I love this idea!!! A Fall bucket list!:) I love yours and am definitely gonna have to make mine next week:) Thanks;) And I am with you on all things Fall being on my mind!

  5. Yay, thanks so much for featuring my bucket list printable! You gave me some great ideas to add to my list. Happy Fall!

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