Today Makes Eight

Today makes eight years that I have been a married woman!

Sometimes when I think about our Vegas wedding, it seems like it happened yesterday and other times it seems like it was a lifetime ago. The one thing I can say is that after eight years of marriage(17 years of being together!!) and two kids together, I still feel like a blessed woman!! No doubt we have had our times of struggle and conflict but we always come out on the other side, happier and healthier in our marriage :-)!!

Now that I got all the sappy lovey stuff out of the day, we can move on!

We did our celebrating this weekend with some TCU football and dinner afterwards. TCU has a newly renovated football stadium so we were excited to see it. I was hoping it would be awesome since the reno’s cost a cool $155,000,000. It pretty much lived up to what I was expecting!!

While we enjoyed watching the game, it wasn’t the most exciting one ever. By halftime, TCU was up 42-0 and I was starving so we decided to head out to our dinner destination.

We had planned on going to a place called, The Woodshed but when we got there we were told it would be an hour wait. Ummmm, no thanks!!! While I want to go back and try it someday, there was no way my stomach was going to hold out that long.

Instead we hopped over to a place near downtown Fort Worth called, Tillman’s Roadhouse. We had been here before so we knew the food would be good!!

They start you off with popcorn while you are looking over the menu. It isn’t just plain popcorn though. It is nicely seasoned and quite addictive. We went through two bowls before we decided on what to order.

We started off with these Goat Cheese Truffle Tator Tots.

These tator tots are incredibly delicious and incredibly RICH!!! When I say rich, I mean that I had to stop at two of them and that was because I was feeling sick. I don’t know what it is about these but they ruined my appetite, Lance’s, too :-(.

Before eating these, I had ordered a grilled cheese and heirloom tomato salad.

This too was VERY, VERY good but because the goat cheese was sitting like a brick in my tummy, I only ate the tomato’s and green salad portion of it. I did try a couple bites of the grilled cheese and it was superb so I was sad not to be able to eat it.

Lance ordered their house burger with a side of mac and cheese but like me, he couldn’t eat much of his so he packed it up to bring home. He devoured all of it yesterday and I helped him out with the mac and cheese. Holy Yum, this stuff was GOOD….even as leftovers!!

Though dinner didn’t turn out quite as we had planned, it was still nice to enjoy spending some time with my main squeeze ;-)!!

You know, the one thing I did miss out on was dessert. Tillman’s has the most incredible homemade smores EVER but since I couldn’t even finish my salad, there was no way I was gonna find a place for dessert. I’m thinking I need to come up with something special to make the hubs so him and I can have a little dessert date after we put the kiddos to bed.

While we were out last night, the subject of our date nights came up. We don’t go out often because our family doesn’t live nearby, sitters are pricey and let’s be honest, date nights can be pretty expensive, too. This brought us to the bright idea of having “at home dates” and I liked the sound of it. There is no reason we can’t reserve a night a couple times per month to cook up a special dinner or dessert or even rent a movie after the kids go to bed. It isn’t necessarily what we do that is important but instead making sure that we take the time to really connect and enjoy the company of one another!!

What is your favorite sport to watch, if any?

Do you have a favorite college football team?

Have you ever planned an “At Home” date night? What did you do?



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10 responses to “Today Makes Eight

  1. Happy Anniversary! Thats awesome! I love to watch football, especially on Saturdays with friends, my family, and yummy food! We are Georgia Bulldog fans! I LOVE at home date nights. My favorite is my husband making his hot wings-we put the kids to bed, sit outside on the porch with come music and talking, and then come in and watch a movie. I need to get more creative on thsese…maybe that will be a good post idea!!:) Come join me tomorrow for “Turn The Page Tuesday!!”

  2. Happy Anniversary! How exciting! looks like y’all had a great time! I love watching football on saturdays! We are Georgia Bulldog fans- I love at home date nights! My favorite is my husband making his hot wings, us sitting on the back porch listening to music and talking, and then watching a movie. I should post “Creative At Home date nights”…..Come join me tomorrow for “Turn The Page Tuesday”:)

    • You should turn it into a post. I am sure lots of people could use some good date night ideas!

      Do I have to write about a children’s book on my blog to do the link up? I love the idea but I am not sure it falls in line with what my readers are looking for……

  3. Congrats on 8 years of marriage!

    We do “at home” date nights all the time. We will usually order sushi from across the street and I’ll make a couple of side dishes to accompany it. Sushi is such a great “slow-down” meal for us, that’s why we like it for date nights. πŸ™‚

  4. Happy 8 years! He is one lucky fella! πŸ˜‰ You look amazing in your purple top and those shorts! YOWZA!!!! We have at home dates sometimes. We’ll be silly and do a spa night, or play board games, or hang out outside when the weather is nice! As for your other questions…I am not a sports fan. That makes Matt so sad. I know I need to learn to love sports since I have 2 boys!! Hehehe!

  5. Happy Anniversary! 17 years together is a long time!
    And I loved that you got married in Vegas. I wish I would have got married in Vegas – must have been so fun!

  6. Do you live in the Fort Worth area? I live in the DFW area!

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