Did I Really Sleep That Long

I think I may have had my longest sleep in several years last night. 11 hours. WHOA!!! Sadly, I feel like I could still crawl back in bed for a little snooze.

You probably know the culprit……these darn allergies!!! I think at this point, they may be working their way into a sinus infection because I have a slight fever this morning. Bleh! Good thing it’s a rest day because I don’t think my body is up for a workout today!!


  • sleep-11 HOURS
  • water-8 cups

It is funny how easy it has been to reach my goals once I just focused on them. Hopefully by the end of the month, these will be habit and I won’t have to track and make an effort to reach them. It will be awesome once they just come naturally!!


Yesterday’s Workout


  • bicep curls
  • overhead tricep extensions

20 minutes of cardio alternating between incline walking and running at 5.5 mph on treadmill

After my workout yesterday, I had a lunch date with my friend, Brandi.

We kept it simple and met at Chili’s. My lunch was nothing fancy, just a soup and salad combo but it hit the spot. Soup is always a good remedy when you aren’t feeling 100%.

Not the healthiest of soup choices but if I am being honest, I wasn’t too worried about that :-). I sure wish I had another bowl of this right now.

The salad was really good, too! I had the lunch portion so it was just the right size. It came with grilled chicken, black beans, roasted corn, tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese.


Today’s Breakfast

I have a feeling all of my meals will be pretty simple today because being creative in the kitchen doesn’t sound real appealing right now.

After a super duper DELICIOUS cup of pumpkin coffee, I made Liam and I a bowl of cereal.

Mine consisted of Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Shredded Mini Wheat.

Mr. Liam decided on Honey Nut Cheerios only. Though he did request his with a side of M&M’s. Yeah……nice try buddy but that isn’t happening!!!

What is your go to comfort food when you are not feeling your best?

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?



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8 responses to “Did I Really Sleep That Long

  1. brandi

    Sorry you’re still feeling bad friend. 😦 Thanks for the soft glow in the pic. If only we could always walk around with the soft glow effect. Anyways, I stopped by target yesterday and picked up the pumpkin spice coffee…yummy! Love my Suzy- Q and all of the fun facts and recommendations I learn from your blog! 😉

  2. I crave sweet potatoes when I’m under the weather. That, or kabocha squash . . . whichever is more convenient at the time. 🙂

    And about breakfast cereal . . . I don’t like any cereals!!! Never have. I live for oatmeal or oatbran.

  3. that bowl of soup looks stupid good!!!!! oh and no picof Bran’s food – come on you know she loves that 🙂

  4. I’m like you and love hot soup on days when I’m sick. And I think my favorite cereal would Raisin Bran! It’s been my favorite since I was in middle school!
    A side of M&Ms would be nice too. Especially the candy corn kind! I definitely went and bought a bag after I saw your post about them! lol

  5. Yum! I love Chili’s soup! Hope your allergies get better!
    I love all kinds of cereal – yesterday I ate two bowls of Alphabits!

  6. I would KILL for 11 hours of sleep tonight. Not happening 😦

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