Bacon and Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Yesterday was just a big ol’ food fest for me. Not that I am complaining or anything!!!

Since both my kids were in school, I headed out with my friend, Brandi to do a little shopping. Home Goods was our one and only shopping stop but Brandi did a fine job of making a dent in her wallet(better her than me!) She managed to get some fabulous pieces so it was definitely money well spent!

As for me, I got a new entry way rug, a decoration for my entry table and some candy corn hand soap. How could I pass that up?!!

I think I have mentioned this before but I am not exactly savvy when it comes to decorating. Brandi seems to have a knack for it so I always feel validated buying something when I get her approval. I love my new entry way rug and it looks great with the red couch in that room. Score!!

My original plan was to hit up In N Out Burger for lunch today. I had been craving a burger and while several In N Out’s have opened in Ft Worth over the last year, I haven’t had a chance to hit them up. My first experience with In N Out was in San Fran last year and I was sold! How could I not be though?! You could put a pile of dirt in front of me and if I were eating it in that great city, I would be a happy person!!  I still don’t think they are quite as good as Whataburger(the best) but they do a darn good job!

Anyway, as we were driving I had a change of appetite and suggested my favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Terra, instead. Brandi was game so that is where we headed!! I love Greek food. Like really, really love it, however, it is not something I eat that often and I like it that way. The flavors are really intense and rich so I prefer to save as it a treat, rather than eating it on a regular basis.

The first thing I did after ordering my iced tea, was to load up my starter plate. On this went a Greek salad, bowtie pasta, cucumber salad, hummus, pita, olives and tomato basil soup.

It just doesn’t get any better than this fresh, warm pita bread. It was absolutely my favorite part of the meal.

The olives are the kind with the seed in the middle so I made sure to look all classy as I spit the seeds out into my hand. Hey, what is a girl to do?!

Is it wrong that I airbrush my wrinkles out of almost every picture I post on here? I can’t afford Botox so I figure this is the next best thing. Too bad we can’t carry an airbrush tool around with us in real life, too ;-)!!

Moving on the the next portion of my meal. You didn’t think I was full after that large piddly “starter” plate did you?! I am a girl with an appetite…..even when I probably should slow down. Alright, I do try to practice portion control 75% of the time but sometimes that other 25% just gets the best of me.

I think I got a little bit of everything on this plate!!

Saffron rice, falafel, some awesome chicken in a creamy sauce(no idea what it is called), sauteed veggies, roasted cauliflower and some spinach and feta stuffed phyllo. I would like to keep bragging about the way I can chow down but I have to admit defeat. I just couldn’t manage to finish the entire plate though I gave it my best effort :-).

Come dinner time I was not even close to hungry. Besides, after all that I had eaten it wasn’t going to do my body any serious harm to skip a meal. I figured if I ended up needing something to eat,  a little snack later in the evening would suffice.

Too bad the rest of my family didn’t feel the same way about dinner as I did. Whatever…..I slacked off last night so I guess it was only fair to whip them up a little somethin’ somethin’!!

Enter Bacon Broccoli Mac & Cheese.

That little bowl there…..yeeaahhhh, it’s mine!!!

Once I finished cooking every thing up, it looked too good to resist. This time, however, I did limit myself to a very small portion. That there is a ramekin and it was only filled half way up. I like my food and all but I don’t like sitting around complaining about being miserable all night. See, I CAN practice portion control when needed!!

Let’s talk a little bit about how this recipe came to be!!  A couple of grocery store visits ago I bought Heartlands Hidden Vegetable Pasta that I used for my chicken noodle soup and had 1/2 box left over. The Mac & Cheese recipe actually came from the back of that box. All I can say is that after making it like this, the boxed crap will never tempt my taste buds ever again. This was restaurant style good, baby!!!

Look at that creamy and cheesy goodness!!!

While my noodles were boiling I cooked up some turkey bacon and frozen broccoli as add-ins to make a complete meal.

Just so you know, I have one of those crazy kids who doesn’t even like Mac & Cheese but she gobbled this right up and even thought about asking for seconds. Apparently, she likes it just fine….as long as it is the real stuff. Can’t say I blame her!!! As for my son, he did eat seconds!!! That’s my boy…..complimenting the cook :-)!!!

We will wrap this up by getting a little workout talk in. After my very fulFILLING day I sure am glad I got to it first thing yesterday morning.

Yesterdays Workout


What is your favorite “ethnic” type food?

Do you prefer boxed or homemade Mac & Cheese?

Are you good at portion control around tempting foods?





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9 responses to “Bacon and Broccoli Mac & Cheese

  1. Candy corn soap?!? That’s pretty awesome. And speaking of things that need portion control . . . candy corn is on that list. For sure. I have to count out how many I want, and walk away! Otherwise, they’re too addicting.

  2. Love your new rug, it’s adorable. && can I just tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous, and who cares if you can’t afford botox. It’s not like you even need it anyways 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this bacon & broccoli mac n cheese. The hubs will love it!!

  3. I ❤ mac and cheese. It's one of my favorite meals!

  4. I’m definitely a homemade mac and cheese kind of gal, and I love Chinese food! It’s so funny that you mention Whataburger being your favorite. My stepdad always says that it’s his “test” burger. Any new burger place he eats at as to measure up to the Whataburger or it’s just not good-so far he hasn’t found one that measures up!

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