She is NOT Plus-Sized

Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend? Hopefully you are wearing deodorant because I have a feeling there is a lot of hand raising going on!!

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t document my life through pictures. I love taking pictures, for personal reasons and for the blog but sometimes it is nice to just be, making sure the events of the day are recorded in your mind and not on film.  Liam and I met up with some friends for a museum play date and it was nice to just sit back and watch him have fun. I also enjoyed being able to chit chat with my friend and not say, “Hey, wait a sec, I need to snap a picture”.

Yesterday’s workout

  • Zumba class

A couple months ago, when I had my trial membership to Anytime Fitness I tried out a Zumba class and wasn’t thrilled with it. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really all that good either. Come to find out, the regular instructor was out having shoulder surgery and that was just a sub.

I love to dance. I mean, it is one of my all time favorite fun things to do. I am not the greatest(though I am not bad either) but there is just something about it that allows me to be carefree and takes my insecurities away. All that to say that I was really craving a fun dance class. Since the regular Zumba instructor is back at the gym, I decided to give it another whirl.

The verdict: Again, it was okay but it didn’t really thrill me either. I think the problem is that my first two Zumba instructors were SO good that they ruined it for the rest. I have been happy with my decision to switch gyms up to this point but I felt my first pang of regret tonight.

There are loads of Zumba routines on YouTube so I have thought about just having my own little dance class at home!!

I like the way this girl teaches her classes because she uses modern music and moves that are fun yet not complicated!!

Plus Size?

While on Facebook last night, I came across a post that really struck a nerve with me. Basically, it was talking about how a 6’2″ model quit the business at one point because of the stresses of staying thin enough for the business. Now of course, she is back in the modeling game but this time as a plus size model. Let me just tell you, this girl is NOT plus sized!!! She is 6’2″, which is taller than many men and wears a size 12. Someone at that height is going to have a much different bone structure than someone who is 5’6. I mean, if you look at her, there is not much difference is how big she is versus how big I am. I would never be called a plus size model because I wear a size 4 at 5’4″.  I don’t think you should be labeled as something just because the tag in your outfit reads a certain size.

Click for Source


Just to be clear, I think that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes so why can’t fashion brands and other companies use images of women that truly represent the products they are trying to sell?! It seems like every time a magazine uses a “real sized” woman, there is a write up about it, giving them props for going out on a limb. If magazines portray woman who look like this as “plus size” what is that going to do to girls everywhere who are struggling with losing a few pounds. I don’t know, maybe I am in a sensitive mood right now but I can’t help but think this is just as dangerous as using models with their bones popping out.

My final thought: Wouldn’t it be great if we could just stop giving people labels. If you are too thin, you are anorexic and if you are a size 12 you are a plus model. What I wish we could see more of is a variety of beautiful woman in all shapes and sizes gracing the pages of magazines. Maybe then, the rest of us could start accepting ourselves a little bit better and stop the whole comparison trap!!

Do you consider a size 12 to be a plus size model?

Is it irresponsible to call a 6″2″ model a plus size because she wears a size 12?

Do you now or have you ever compared yourself to the images in magazines? How did/does that affect your self image?



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9 responses to “She is NOT Plus-Sized

  1. I think the media is a terrible source for what should be deemed healthy or not. Especially to our youth. Seeing how high school kids are influenced by the media really gets under my skin. Pictures are manipulated to make what is beautiful become equivalent to perfect–which is not the case! Boy, I could go on and on about this . . .

    • Jeanette Perry

      The schools compound the issue with young girls. My oldest struggles with her weight because she WON’T eat like she should because she is scared of being FAT. The schools are also teaching this.

      ONE donut isn’t going to hurt you every now and then. (BTW- “Donuts with Dad” at my daughter’s school this morning was actually “Bagels with fat free cream cheese” right next to a sign that said essentially they would not serve the occasional chicken nugget anymore. (At their age they NEED calories)

      My oldest daughter is 9 years old and barely fits into size 7 regular jeans without them falling off of her. It is SOOOOO hard to find her clothes that fit because she is so tiny.

      I have such an issue with the “image” girls are taught is normal. (Marilyn Monroe was a size 12)

      • I get why schools feel the need to limit certain foods. Sadly, there are too many children who have become overweight in our country and they don’t have parents who make sure they are getting nutritious food rather than chicken nuggets and doughnuts all the time.

        However, I have a daughter who could eat her weight in donuts and not put on an ounce so I understand the point you are making for sure!!

  2. We need to spend even more time chit chatting and watching the kiddos play! 🙂 I do not consider a size 12 to be plus size. I think there is an epidemic in our society on what beauty is, and it does nothing but cause negative pressure on women to be something unreal. In fact I dislike the term “plus size.” We’re all our own individual size. More companies need to follow Dove’s real role models and self esteem campaign! A little less air brushing and little more butt dimples on billboards would do a world of good I think!

  3. This may be the biggest thing I hate in regards to the media. They don’t realize that saying things like this is what causes girls & women to have Eating Disorders. It breaks my heart!!

    Have a wonderful weekend doll ❤

  4. I have a hard time with this! I too am sick of the labels. Who cares what size you are!!! What about the person that you are and what you can bring the world. That is much more important. I am in a very good place. I think people need to stop worrying about what to do to get thin and toned etc.. People need to start enjoying thier lives! Take a look around see the beauty that is out there. Find things you enjoy doing. Not feeling bad because you are a size 8 and not a 4! I live for today. I don’t want to know what comes tomorrow. That is why life is exciting! Stop worrying about the physical and work on the mental and stop to smell the roses! Life is short so enjoy it no matter what size you are. :):)

  5. Jeesh plus size?! That’s crazy!! She looks great and no where near plus size. Plus like you said, she’s so tall!!
    I would love to get rid of labels. I think women constantly compared themselves to pictures in magazines and other women. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have these labels in the first place.

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