Color In Motion 5K

Howdy friends!!!

I am extra excited about today’s post and I really hope you will be, too!!

You how how I have gotten into this running thing lately, even signing up for my first 5K in two years?! Scratch that, because it looks like I will be running TWO 5K’s this Fall. The opportunity couldn’t come at a better time because Fall + Me= perfect running weather!!!!

Color In Motion 5K- Dallas, Texas

If you have run in a race before you know that they can be really fun! Just having a crowd of like-minded people together,  partaking in something they enjoy makes for a great time!! The pumped up feeling I get before a race is always my favorite part followed closely by all the yummy snacks after the race. However, the in between parts are sometimes just so-so…….

Unless of course, it is the Color In Motion 5K. Just check out this picture and tell me how that could ever be boring!!!

Exactly what is Color In Motion?

Color in Motion 5k organizes 5k’s across the country that have a surprise at every kilometer; COLOR!

The difference between these 5k’s and other 5k’s is that they jazz the race (and the racers!) up with bursts of color. You start out all fresh and clean in your white t-shirt, and by the end of the race you are covered in vibrant colorful camouflage.

Color in Motion 5k is coming to Dallas on November 17th, 2012. A portion of all registration fees will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Find out more information at:

I love it! A laid back casual atmosphere where you can slow down the pace(if you wanna ;-)) and worry more about how to look like a human rainbow rather than how quickly you can cross the finish line. Hey, at least that is the greatness of it for slowpokes like me!!

Is anyone else saying, Ohhhhhh, that looks like FUN?!!

Well, if you are now is your chance to join me in a day of absolute fun for FREE!!! One of the awesome representatives for Color In Motion Dallas is offering a free entry to one of my readers and a guest!! While this race would be a blast running alone, completing it with a family member or friend would surely make a memory that would last you a lifetime!

How to Enter

  • Leave a comment on my page. It can be about anything. How easy is that?!

Additional Entries

The contest is open to all local(and non-local readers who are willing to travel). The contest will run through Monday, October 1st and the winner(chosen through will be  announced on October 2nd. Good luck, friends!!


If you aren’t the lucky one chosen to receive free entry into the race, not to fret!!! Because all of you are winners in my book(Team, Fit Minded Mom!!!) you can receive 15% off of your entry fee with the code: FITMOM20. Pretty awesome, right!!



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17 responses to “Color In Motion 5K

  1. That looks like a total blast!! If I could travel there to participate, I would. Maybe I’ll find something similar in my area! 🙂

  2. Aww! I wish I was still in Dallas because I’d totally do it. (Germany is much too far of a commute for a 5k.) My brother-in-law and his gf ran the Color Run back in February and had a blast. Ever since, I’ve been jonesing to do something similar.*

  3. How exciting!! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Color in Motion Runs! You are going to have so much fun!!

  4. Stephenie

    Where/when is this race? I wanna do it!

  5. When is this race? I might have to join you in this one too. It’s on my list of races to do this year.

  6. Lindsay Killian

    I’ll do it with you!!!!!! Pick the pregnant lady! 😉

  7. Brandi

    I want to do it, you think we can convince Chris and Lance to join us? Btw, im proud of you and your blog. You seem to being doing more and more with it, which is awesome! I might be a little jealous. 😉

  8. I can’t believe you live in Dallas and we haven’t met for lunch! 🙂

  9. Nancy

    just found your page – following you on Twitter & Facebook too. This race looks so awesome – I bet this is something my teenage daughter & I could do together!! and I could be a “cool” mom for one day, lol…

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