A Little Pre-Halloween Fun

Look at me, blogging on a Saturday!!! I figured, what the hey. It is a rainy and dreary morning and since I am 99% sure that cheer is going to be cancelled today, that gives me a little more time to be lazy before I have to start tackling my errands for the day.

One of the errands will be taking my kids around to pick out their Halloween costumes. So much fun!!! Of course, not as fun as when they were babies and I got to decide what they were going to be.

I realize it isn’t even October yet BUT if you don’t get them early they get picked over and you are stuck with something you only kind of like. There is definitely no fun in that!!

To get in the spirit, I thought I would share some of our past Halloween costumes!!

Dorothy and the Lion! So stinking cute, right?!

These days you can be sure they are going to pick super hero’s and popular Disney characters. Not as much fun for me but I remember being a and kid how excited I was to get that same costume that 100 others kids were going to be wearing….ha!!!

 I have to post a picture of my husband getting into the spirit a few years back. This was great because he usually isn’t the kind that likes to dress up, unless I make him. I think I did a pretty good job of convincing him!!

Last year, we were on a Bud Light Cruise a couple days before Halloween so of course, they had a dress up theme one night. It was SUCH a great time and yes, our costumes were LAME compared to many of the creative costumes.

Can you even tell we were supposed to be pirates?!

Speaking of creative costumes, I thought I would post some that really give me a giggle. While I enjoy Halloween and think it is a great time to be creative and fun, some people REALLY get into. Props to them!!!!

Source: squidoo.com via Samantha on Pinterest

Source: xaxor.com via Kate on Pinterest

Source: repinly.com via Marcie on Pinterest


Well it looks like the odds were not in our favor!  I just got the call that cheer has NOT been cancelled so that means I have to get a move on!!! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Do you dress up for Halloween? What has been your favorite costume in the past?



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7 responses to “A Little Pre-Halloween Fun

  1. Dorothy and the lion are too cute! I love matchup costumes! My husband and I always talk about doing matchy or themed costumes but never do.*

  2. Fun post! The chia pet for the dog is hilarious! 🙂

  3. I won’t be dressing up this year 😉

    I think me and my girlfriend will be going to a haunted house!

  4. What a fun and creative post! Love Dorthy & the Lion, adorable.

  5. I hate dressing up and have avoided it now for a countless number of years. This year however we are going to a party and I don’t have a clue what to be. Which is why I hate dressing up!! lol.. My kids costumes are bought and ready to go. We got them weeks ago. I figured why wait if they know what they want to be. So wish me luck on my costume finding extravaganza!! UGH!!

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