Grocery Store Finds

October 1st. How it is even possible?!!

While I have made it no secret that I am a fan of Fall, I need time to stop slipping away so that I can actually enjoy it. In a couple months, it is going to be inching towards Winter and that, I am NOT a fan of. On the bright side, we had our first weekend of actual Fall weather and it was lovely…..except for the non-stop rain. 😉

While I was at the grocery store this weekend, I noticed that there is no shortage of pumpkin flavored foods around the supermarket. Has it always been this way or has the pumpkin craze really taken over this year?  Like many others, I am a big fan of pumpkin but I do think if we aren’t careful it could be overkill soon. Maybe……

A couple pumpkin items crossed my path that  I just couldn’t say no to.

Pumpkin Spice Waffles

And…….Pumpkin pie flavored yogurt!

I have become so accustomed to Greek yogurt that  the regular stuff isn’t as appealing to me anymore. This was good, with a nice mild pumpkin flavor but I would have preferred it in a thick, creamy Greek style yogurt. If someone finds some, send a shout-out my way!!

The Holiday flavors of coffee creamers have been stocked as well and there were so many choices to choose from!! I could hardly decide between the sugar cookie, pumpkin spice(sugar free for only 15 calories per serving!), and salted caramel mocha.

I went with the salted caramel mocha and I am SOOOO happy I did!!! My favorite Starbucks drink is the Salted Caramel Mocha so if I am able to have a little taste of that at home with less calories then, heck yeeeaaah!!!

Any Apple Cider  Vinegar drinkers out there? I try to have it once per day but realistically, I probably only remember to take it 3-4 days a week. Eh, better than nothing I suppose. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of taking ACV as a supplement, you can learn more about it here. I like to take it because I have digestive issues and have noticed a great improvement in bloating and heartburn when I take it consistently. It is also supposed to be good for the complexion but since I take medication for that I can’t really say if it is helping or not……

FYI: If you are taking ACV as a supplement, it should be one with “the mother” in it. I had never seen it at my local grocery store until this weekend. Good to know I won’t have to hit up the health food store when I need my next bottle!!


Not only did I find some great food items this weekend but I got some amazing deals on workout clothes!! Some of my pants and shorts are ready to be retired so when I spotted a large clearance rack at Target, I hopped my butt right on over to check it out.

With price tags like this, how could I resist?

I ended up getting a pair of running shorts, capri’s and sports bra for $28.00. I love me a good deal so I was just a little bit excited over these purchases!!! I only wish they had more sports bras like the ones I found because it is wonderful. It has thicker adjustable straps and really holds the girls in without being too constricting. Comfy sports bras are hard to find but in my opinion, this one ROCKS!!!

What has been your favorite pumpkin find this year?

Do you use Apple Cider Vinegar? As a supplement or for cooking?

Are you particular about your brand of workout clothes? Where do you usually buy them?



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10 responses to “Grocery Store Finds

  1. LOVE the pumpkin items! I am going to try pumpkin oatmeal this week:) I do use apple cider vinegar, especially when I make BBQ sauce. I use a recipe that is a “Carolina” style sauce and it calls for ACV! Its so yummy! I prefer Nike workout clothes, and my entire wardrobe is pretty much Target;)

  2. Gosh all of these pumpkin finds has me incredible jealous!!! I also think, well i’m about 90% sure we have the same workout capris!! 🙂

  3. I do use ACV . . . I have about 1 T in a big glass of water every morning–first thing!

  4. Linda Fain

    I noticed Pepperidge Farm has a new Pumpkin cookie out that I’m sure I’ll be forced to purchase in the next few weeks. It looks really tasty…and I love Pepperidge Farm stuff 😉

  5. I had to laugh when I saw this because I also found the pumpkin waffles last month already and my son ate them all!! He didn’t save me any. LOL And I bought the same salted caramel mocha creamer this weekend! 🙂
    I made pumpkin bars and pumpkin cookies this weekend. I had to put them all in the freezer to keep me from eating them all.

  6. I love all the pumpkin and fall foods! I have been debating buying those waffles because I am the only one in my house that will eat them! But they look so yummy!

  7. Those waffles look amazing! I will be on the lookout for those in my store 🙂

    Thanks for sharing…

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