What I Ate Wednesday #16

Welcome to another week of What I Ate Wednesday!!

Normally I am a gal who likes a little variety in her life(meals especially) but judging from yesterdays food, you wouldn’t know it!! What can I say, if I am eating the same thing multiple times per day, it must be good!! That, or I am running low on groceries!! I can say that my pantry is pretty well socked right now so yep, I was just digging the food!!

I am loving the WIAW theme for the month of October for two reasons!!

  1. It is all about the fun and healthy Halloween treats(of which I ate lots yesterday!!)
  2. PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness

My mom is a Breast Cancer survivor so I am always happy to see awareness brought to the cause!! So many of us have been or will be affected by Breast Cancer and I feel it is so important to be educated about the disease as well as helping to find a cure and care for those who have it!! Thanks, Jenn!!!

Okie Dokie, let’s get to talking about yesterdays meals!!

WIAW #15

Breakfast– If you checked out my blog yesterday, then you already know about the slice of goodness that was breakfast. Spinach, onion and feta crust-less quiche. So delicious!!

Snack #1- The skinny chocolate chip pumpkin cookies that I made on Monday didn’t stand a chance around me yesterday. I tried to keep them hidden….out of site out of mind but yeah, it didn’t work so well. I went ahead and helped myself to two of them for my morning snack.

Lunch– I had one piece of quiche leftover after breakfast and I felt bad letting it sit in the fridge all by its lonesome……Soooooo, I ate it!!! I added a piece of Ezekiel bread topped with peanut butter and jelly and had a more than acceptable “breakfast for lunch” meal!!

 Snack #2– Remember how I said my meals were really repetitive today. Yeahhhh, that includes snacks as well.

Dinner- Alright, I finally changed it up at dinner time!!! While I enjoyed every bite I ate earlier in the day, my taste buds were more than ready for some variety. Grilled chicken breasts, quinoa with corn and peas and green beans. It was simple and it was G-O-O-D!!

I love grilling nights!! Mostly because it means that Lance is handling the cooking of the meat which is far from my favorite thing to do. Minimal mess in the kitchen is pretty nice, too!!!

I would love to say that my eating ended with that meal but that would be a big fat LIE!!! Like I tell my kids, it is always better to tell the truth….

Truth: I had ONE more pumpkin cookie after dinner.  Someone hide the darn cookies because obviously I cannot have just one……or two. Five people, I had FIVE!!!!!


I have to wish a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my extra special best friend, Stephenie!! The type of friendship we have is hard to come by but I am lucky enough to be gifted with it everyday. I only wish I could be in Baton Rouge to celebrate with her. I love you, my friend!!!

Do you know someone who had been affected by Breast Cancer?

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

Do you have a long distance best friend? How often do you keep in touch?



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13 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday #16

  1. The best thing I ate yesterday was a Turkey dog:) I LOVE hotdogs but try and make a healthier choice with the turkey ones. With being military you end up having lots of long distance relationships. My best friend and I make it a point to Skype once a week:) It really helps!

  2. The best thing I ate yesterday was my favorite salsa!!! It’s a roasted garlic variety that I found on sale this past weekend, so I stocked up! Yum.

  3. Wow. That dinner does look simple. But really really good. And I can totally eat everything on that plate! I should make that same combo soon.

  4. I’d probably eat six cookies…

    I am happy that I don’t know anyone affected my breast cancer, but I think its important to spread the word and share the cause! I hope your mom is doing good now!

  5. My stepmom is a breast cancer survivor – twice actually – and she’s definitely my hero. Seeing her go through it both times was terrible. I’m all about spreading the awareness!

    Even though your eats may have been repetitive, they sure were delicious looking! Quiche, PB&J on toast, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?! Those would probably be in some of my top favorite foods, so good choices! 😉

  6. Mmmm at that quiche!

    We are going to the pumpkin patch in Rockwall (way the heck out there) because we got a groupon. The things I will do for a girl… 😉

  7. Hey if it’s tasting good, why change it up? Sorry the quiche is all gone though 😦

    Best Thing: My salad @ dinner
    Best Friend: Yup, she lives in Hawaii. We talk almost daily, if not every couple days on facebook & will skype from time to time.

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