Did the weekend go quickly or what?!!

I have to tell ya, I was pretty much unproductive and I couldn’t have been more excited about it!! We had a cold front move in on Friday so temps stayed in the low 50’s for most of the weekend and it was pure greatness. Normally I despise cold weather but having the temps drop(if only for a couple days) REALLY got me in the mood for a true Fall season with hoodies, boots and and hot cocoa!!!

It was also the perfect reason to snuggle up in a blanket on my couch and watch, and watch and watch my new favorite show “Revenge”!!!

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People, I don’t think I have ever been so obsessed with a television show. I might have a problem. For real. I had heard so many rave reviews about the show over the last year but it wasn’t one that had been on my “must watch” list. Well, that all changed when I decided to hit up Netflix and watch the first episode from last season. Needless to say, that one episode turned into 22!!!!! My weekend was pretty much consumed with this series and was the reason for a couple of late nights, errrr……or should I say early mornings. I might have stayed up until 2am or so…….. But hey, I am all caught up and can enjoy this season on a once a week basis now!!!

Somehow in between my Revenge marathon, I did manage to get some other stuff done. Like grocery shopping and cooking!!

Last nights dinner was quite delicious!! Crock pot beer chicken and harvest salad. Sounds good, huh!!I seriously love my crock pot!! How great is it to throw a few ingredients into a pot and let it be for 4-6 hours and still turn out a wonderful meal.

I used a regular Budweiser but next time I would probably go with a slightly darker beer. My husband is the beer man and he says it would have given it a little more flavor :-).

As for the salad, I will be recreating that bowl of goodness for lunch today!!!

 I got a couple pictures of everything before it was served up but I forgot to capture one of my plate. After having the aroma of the chicken filling my house all afternoon, I was so ready to dig in that honestly, taking a picture of my plate didn’t even cross my mind!!.


Let’s talk a little bit about today!! So far it has been quite glorious. Why you ask? Well……sleeping in until 8am sure didn’t hurt :-)!!

After sipping on a hot cup of coffee this morning(made by my wonderful hubby), I put on my running clothes and hit the pavement. Man, it was PERFECT running weather this morning. Even though it was chilly, with temps being in the 40’s, it felt lovely after a few minutes of warming up, mostly because the sun was out.

Today’s workout

  • 30 minute run, no walking

I am happy to report that my little legs and lungs carried me through the full three miles without any walking today!!! I did have a bit of wheezing when I got home but that is certainly nothing that a little puff off the inhaler can’t cure if it keeps up.

On another note, I have only been running consistently for a few weeks now and my pants are already getting looser!!! I don’t know what it is about running but I swear it leans me out like nothing else does!!! Granted, I have been being mindful of what I am eating, though no calorie counting the last week and I think the combo of the two are going to provide me with some fantastic results. Yippee!!!

Speaking of food, I grabbed a Luna bar shortly after my run and called that breakfast. I love these bars!!!!

Time to head out of here guys!!! Parent/Teacher conference awaits me……..

Have an awesome Monday!!!!

What shows are you obsessed with this season? Have you ever had a series watching marathon?

If you are an outside exerciser, what is your favorite temperature range to workout in?





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3 responses to “Revenge

  1. I think that particular flavor Luna bar is my favorite! Reminds me of my favorite girl scout cookies (Somoas?).

    I’ve never heard of the show you were talking about–I’ll have to look it up!

  2. I have never seen Revenge. Is it on after Once Upon a Time? I think I remember seeing the preview during Once Upon a Time. We love that show!

    I usually exercise inside because I hate the weather (its always too hot or too cold) but sunny and 70s usually works for me!

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