Feel the Booty Burn

I keep thinking that today is Monday because my kids and husband were home with me yesterday. Every time I realize it is Tuesday I get all happy, especially knowing that Thursday will be our official Friday this week as well. Whoop, whoop!!! I feel like I need to say something about Wednesday since it is the only weekday that I left out. Ha!!

I wish I had more to share with y’all about my day yesterday but a good portion of it was taken up with Camryn’s eye doctor appointment. Her appointment was at 2pm and we didn’t end up getting home until after 6pm. It turns out she did end up needing glasses but mostly because she has astigmatism in both eyes that are causing focus issues. She gets her glasses in about a week and she looks pretty darn adorable in them if I say so myself!

Today’s Workout

I don’t know about y’all but since jeans are going to be a wardrobe staple for the next oh…..6 months or so, I decided it was time to focus on my back end!!! I am just going to put it out there, I wasn’t blessed with a lot going on in the booty department. My rear is not completely flat but I have always wished I had more of a “bubble” back there.  Since it doesn’t come naturally, I am going to have to work at it a bit. And hey, I figure if I can’t get the size I want, at least I get it nice and tight, right?!!

 I so remember my mom doing many of these moves to her Richard Simmons or Jane Fonda tapes back in the day but you know what, they WORK!! I definitely felt the burn in my booty after doing three rounds this morning. I also added in a few upper body moves to get more of a full body workout!!

If you aren’t familiar with some of these moves, here are some links that will help you out with that:

My original intention this morning was to get out my stability ball and perform some good booty boosting moves with that but when I went to get it, this is what I found.

The death of my stability ball would be the work of my husband. I don’t know why but he has always had it out for that red bouncy ball!!! It may be the fact that it was always rolling around the house somewhere(thanks, kiddos) but come on, that is an important piece of home workout equipment!! Whether he likes it or not, that ball WILL be making a resurrection tonight and I am making HIM bring it back to life. Get the air pump ready, hon!!!

What is your favorite butt building move?

What is your favorite body part to workout?



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3 responses to “Feel the Booty Burn

  1. Looks like a great booty workout! I love squats but hate lunes! I love working out my arms.

  2. I’m not sure I care what my butt looks like. Haha.

  3. What an awesome bootayy workout. I love doing squats 🙂

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